“The Stinger: Live!” (Broadcast version) - what the heck happened?

As I mentioned in another thread (edited to add a link), this struck an unexpected sour note with me in the midst of all the awesome fun this week.

I turned it off with 15 minutes still to go, because it was sitting ill with me to watch Jonah (particularly) and Baron dominate the conversation and Matt not moderating them out of it. We didn’t get to see Kelsey or Yvonne (except for a one-line joke) answer the one question directed to them by name - Jonah answered it instead. And the only message I took away from the middle chunk was “Baron and Jonah crack each other up. See, they’re doing it right now.”

I turned it off when Matt asked Baron a question only he could answer (about Dr. Kabahl TSFFTF), even though the spotlight had been on him for the last several minutes. Like, come on, moderator - moderate. Even if that question is next on your list, maybe skip to a different one and give someone else a chance?

Importantly, I wasn’t there. A few of you folks who were there have told me it came off much more balanced in person - which I’m glad of. It’s also been pointed out that a lot of editing decisions were made to avoid spoilers for The Christmas Dragon and beyond, as well as just for time’s sake. And, OK, I’ll buy all of that.

But in a way that just makes it even more baffling. If there was equal-opportunity footage to choose from, then who made the decision to feature only some performers in the final broadcast and why? I’m stretching to believe that all the uterus-bearers simply stacked their answers floor-to-ceiling with spoilers, but…

Especially in light of Devon Coleman’s loving but accurate callout regarding the lack of diversity in the room, I think it’s really unfortunate that it shook out this way. MST usually does better.


Now that I’ve gone and made it a whole thing, I wonder if anyone noticed this except me.

Perspective: I wasn’t there live either. I picked up on what you stated above, but I attributed it more to Jonah and Baron being more comfortable in a stand-up type environment. No performer wants an awkward silence, so they just jumped right in. I would have loved to see more Yvonne though (especially since other than the Selects intros/outros, we really haven’t seen her beyond brief appearances in the episodes).

I can tell by the glimpses of personality that we’ve seen in the post-episode events that Jonah, Baron, Hampton and Conor are natural hams. Rebecca and Kelsey lean that way, too, but in more of a one-on-one environment. I get the sense that Emily, Yvonne and Deanna are more comfortable with a script. Just my take on it. :woman_shrugging:t3:


More people got to speak as it went along, including questions aimed exclusively at the ladies. Kelsey got to talk about some incredible feats of puppeteering she had to pull off for Crow and Rebecca and Emily addressed what it’s like to be a woman in a male dominated writer’s room - including advocating for things they know are funny even if the men don’t think so. Deanna talked about the Munchie baby. Everyone got to contribute.

I’m not negating your experience of the first fifteen minutes, just reporting on what happened after that.


I would have loved to see this!

I think it’s a big lift to get into doing these things for a live audience. You kind of play for reactions and such…and there was a Q&A the day before, too, that had a ton of people and folks got to talk there, but since there were so many, it couldn’t possibly be balanced.

In the end, I don’t think anyone was being a jerk as that’s kind of not the vibe of these folks. They’re comedians who love bits and a lot of them have a history of friendship with each other that we don’t always get to see. So I’m sorry you felt uncomfortable, that’s not a fun experience, I’m sure…but I’m sure that wasn’t what anyone was going for.

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I think you’re imagining a slight where none exists. I didn’t think Jonah, Baron, or anyone else was dominating the conversation. It looked to me like the whole gang were having a great time.

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“My imagination” and “a slight” are not the only two possibilities.

Edited to add - Maybe it’s a series of choices made by more than one person, none of whom had anything but good intentions, but that could be handled a little better next time with increased awareness?

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You can still watch it! It’s in the event replay! SPECIAL 110: A Tribute to... THE XMAS THAT ALMOST WASN'T! - EVENT REPLAY: A Tribute to... XMAS ALMOST WASN'T - MST3K: THE GIZMOPLEX

(FWIW I’ve recreated Kelsey’s duck impression at least three times in the last 24 hours. It works for so many things!)


Oof, so this is like It’s a Wonderful Life and I hit my breaking point right when George gets to the bridge?! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Edited - I pushed through that one question and finished, and OK, I really did quit at the absolute worst time. I stand by my original point but it did get significantly better in the second half.


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elaborating a bit more. you’re willingness to share your honest reaction while being open to feedback and conversation about is really special, and worthy of praise and admiration.

I think Joel is keenly aware of the lack of diversity in MST’s history and is actively addressing it. It does mean digging out of a hole a bit though. The ‘classic’ cast being of limited demography affects the audience which, in turn, affects the current talent likely to be interested in being involved creatively as well. Overall I think it is worth recognizing just how much progress has been made, and just how much it has benefited all aspects of MST-dom. It is a journey, though, and not every step will be a smooth one.

Honest, open conversations, bereft of finger pointing and vitriol, like you have started here can only further move the ball forward further. thanks…