The Swayziest

Does anyone know if Patrick Swayze was aware of his place in the MiSTie-verse?
I feel like he would have appreciated and has fun with it.


I hope so. He was an amusing guy. I remember seeing him on one of Graham Norton’s talk shows when Brokeback Mountain came out, and he said something like, “here’s what I don’t get about Brokeback Mountain. Now I’m from Texas and I don’t know why those two guys are goin’ at it with each other when there’s 2000 perfectly good sheep.”


Considering his role in one of SNL’s most remembered skits, that really took the piss. I feel he would be super down with the special place he holds here.


I can’t seem to find any corroborative evidence elsewhere, but I found this in the Heartwarming section of MST3K’s TV Tropes entry (so take it with an amazing colossal grain of salt):

“… Patrick Swayze, during a radio interview, got to hear “Patrick Swayze Christmas” from Santa Claus Conquers the Martians for the first time and was genuinely amused.”


oh that is heartwarming! and something to look into for sure :slight_smile:

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