The Trancers films

Just recently watched all of Full Moon’s Trancers series…WOW its like they just made an entire series for the sole purpose of being riffed.


Thoughts on this series, if you’ve seen it?

BTW all are up for viewing on Tubi.

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Justin of Mutant Reviewers From Hell is currently working his way through them and has covered the first three so far.

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I unironically love Full Moon movies. Charles Band, Albert Pyun, and Tim Thomerson are a b-movie triumvirate. pure alchemical magic.

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I really love how after the first sequel was a genuine attempt to continue the story of the first, it feels like every single one afterwards is from a completely different team who are all fighting each other over what the series should be, and what Trancers themselves even are.


@RyanLohner You said it.

I’ve only seen the first two, but I love them. They’re wonderfully bad.

I only saw the first one (caught it on Tubi as part of an Elvira feature), but I enjoyed the hell out of it. I’ll have to seek out the sequels!