The True Story of the Turkish "Avengers" [3 Dev Adam] - Deja View

Really fun 6 minute documentary on the “Turkish Spider-Man.”

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That was a cool watch.

I actually have a copy of that (and a bunch of odd ball superhero flicks from around the globe). It was pretty hilarious.

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While we’re on the subject, I am compelled to report that Turkish Star Wars is A FREAKING AMAZING bit of copyright evasion.

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Yes it is. I tried really really hard to get the funding to take all the Star Wars footage out of the movie (matte it out of the scenes where it’s rear-projected), replace it with new, appropriately cheesy effects, and do an English dub with an original soundtrack since the soundtrack was all stolen. I got so close to securing it too. Oh well, one of many projects never realized that eventually made me get out of the creative field.