The Two Pearls

Comedy Central, Sci-Fi, one network’s Pearl isn’t exactly another. Is Season 7 and Season 8 the same person? Clayton’s Mom and the ruler of Castle Forrester? The gal locked in a playhouse and chasing Mike down in a space van? They are possibly sisters but one and the same? It’s hard to accept. Thoughts? Theories? On the why and how of Pearl’s evolution or the existence of Two Pearls separated by changing channels?

Note: Is there three Pearls? The Pearl on the Gizmoplex acts sentimental, hurt, and emotionally closed-off unlike the others. A third version or the second one in disguise?

P.S. It’s not lost on me the loss of Trace and the elevation of Mary into the Sci-Fi years is largely why she adapted. Pearl filled Dr. F’s shoes. This necessitated a redesign of who she was to what she became. It’s interesting is all. Which is why I posed the thought.


I would put it that Sci-fi Pearl was the “real” Pearl, that put on a more motherly demeanor for Clays sake, thus unburdened from having to act that way became the Pearl we saw chasing Mike and taking control of the Castle.

That said as the years went on and the emergence of Kinga stepping into the light as the successor of the Moon Base has allowed Pearl to “retire” so to speak and take a lesser, more relaxed role, being prouder for Kinga than she was for Clay, while still getting to flex her inner evil when needing to push Jonah into ad reads.

So yes, they are one and the same Pearl(s), at least that’s how I see it.


Pearl is like The Doctor, except when she regenerates, she just becomes another form of Pearl. She can’t control it, and by God, you’d have hated the Pearl regeneration that was really into Amway.


People change over time? Unpossible!!


My headcanon is that during Season 7 the MST3K writers room was working out a LOT of relationship issues, which explains why Pearl is portrayed as abusive-is-funny-if-you’re-in-a-dark-enough-place. I think that’s the season that Crow pretends to be pregnant to get a free ride too.


Not to mention that whole soul-sucking experience that was the making of MST3K: The Movie.


With regards to Gizmoplex-era Pearl…

That’s absolutely the Sci-Fi era Pearl in disguise, with the Sci-Fi Pearl basically standing out as the Comedy Central Pearl but without the “I’m Clay’s mother” pretenses being played out. Gizmoplex-era Pearl is working some kind of angle by being really nice to Kinga and convincing her to go on vacation; we just haven’t figured out what that precise angle is JUST yet.


Characterization in drama (broadly meaning all genres not only drama) is generally presentation and a brand in addition to its contents. It just is. I’m not ruling out arc and evolution in character WHICH DOES happen but the baseline and marrow of the women were not of the same construction, tenor, personality type, or expression in their motivation, reactions, or soul as the other. They are mirrors of where Best Brains were when they appeared and as a student of acting since childhood the intricacies and composition of what makes a performance is something I notice. For what it’s worth.

One might supposr Sci-Fi Pearl and Comedy Central Pearl are two sides of one personality. With Sci-Fi Pearl existing now? Yes. Had Comedy Central Pearl lived without her Sci-Fi alter-ego I couldn’t have necessarily guessed that transformation.

This IS what I’m sensing too and the basis of why the two are different in my estimation. Season 7 and Comedy Central MST as a whole hailed from a unique place and held a function for Pearl (chiefly as a supporting character that grew with Frank’s departure) and Trace leaving required a main “antagonist” and she evolved and altered to fill that hole then Bobo and Brain Guy emerged over the Season 8 episodes to fill hers. Expediency, the staff on hand, and the requirements of the new rebranding and Host Segment Story Demands of Sci-Fi all played their parts in the impression of The Two Pearls.


Sixty years ago, these men prophesied that there would be three Pearls –



Notice how CC Pearl is wearing glasses and SciFi Pearl isn’t? It’s obvious!

CC Pearl is Pearl Kent and SciFi Pearl is SUPERPEARL


This is precisely what I think is unfolding now. The story of Season 13 is still playing out, being told episode-by-episode. “Grandma” Pearl is playing the long game on Kinga’s moon base. And it seems that we’re just about to learn more about what her masterplan might be. Don’t fall for her act! She’s up to something…


Actually that works! Awesome analogy.


I feel like the changes to Pearl’s personality were pretty organic. Obviously it stemmed from changing circumstances in the writing room, but I feel like it also came from changing circumstances in her life and her relationship with Mike.

Like, think about how your impression of someone changes depending on the circumstances you meet them in. If you meet someone at a party, you’re going to get a very select slice of their personality. If a couple weeks later, they’re dating your best friend, you’re going to start seeing more of them, seeing them in more day-to-day circumstances, and see more of their personality coming out. And then one day you find out they’ve been hired on as your boss… that’s necessarily going to change the dynamic of your relationship and the way you relate.

There’s also something that stuck in my head recently that I missed twenty years ago - in 801, Pearl explains how she became the Lawgiver, and she says that when she died, she had herself frozen, only to wake up in a world dominated by ape people. It feels like a callback to Time of the Apes, where they talk about a rich man undergoing some sort of regenerative process while frozen that will make him younger. I think the same thing’s happened to Pearl. She’s actually become younger during the time gap, which can change the kind of outlook that someone brings to the world.

And you can look at season 8 as a journey of self discovery that works out really nice for her. At the start of it, she’s mostly just focussed on directing a personal vendetta against Mike. She isn’t even really the driving antagonistic force through most of their adventures; she’s the one down on the planet dealing with whatever sci-fi danger they’ve most recently landed on. By the time fate takes her to Castle Forrester to discover her family’s history of world domination, she’s grown into it.

Yeah, just some of my thoughts rattling around. I always thought it was a little weird too, but on reflection, it’s not that weird.


Spectacular summary and insights. You voice a persuasive case. I can’t disagree. Access, social positioning, hierarchy, and the necessity of Season 8 and beyond mandated shifting that you amply account for. Thanks so much!


I’m pretty fond of both Pearls. I don’t think her exchanges with Art when he crashed the Turkey Day festivities get enough positive attention. <3


And for real: was there EVER a more Evil Pearl than Hollywood Pearl? I kind of think even Kinga suffocating Jonah long distance can’t quite measure up here.


And here I thought this thread was about my fanfic - since after the gang returned to ‘our own time’ there were, in fact, two Pearls existing on Earth at the same time.

I get them to meet. :slight_smile:

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