The Two Pearls

There was a fic out there at one point where both original hosts were Pearl’s subjects at the same time. The vibe was them pretending to fight all the time to keep her off-balance. (And it was probably inspired by the rumor that Joel Hodgson made socks online with the express purpose of saying, “MIKE BETTER!” just to rile up fans.) It was pretty funny, but now I can’t find it. :confused:

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From The Incredible Melting Man?

Oof… that’s a toughie! I know Pearl tries to use a Satellite Killer™ on the gang in Future War, and she even goes so far as to send The Giant Spider Invasion a second time, but even that doesn’t seem to compare to the sheer banal evilness of Hollywood Pearl running Crow’s beloved Earth Vs. Soup into the ground!

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@Chelsea_Nelson talked about Pearl acting a bit different earlier.

And my response?

So in other words, I’m 95% sure that Pearl’s up to something that’s very SUS (I normally don’t say the short term for “suspicious”, but I’ve decided to make an exception this one time).


If I may paraphrase Destiny’s Child here:

Pearl’s actin’ kinda shady.


Isn’t it the function of Mad Scientists to hide their true selves, before they attempt to rule the universe?

Ummm…asking for a friend.


I mean that’s how I do it, hypothetically!


The show killed Clayton, and instead (or as a form) of coping, she broke mentally, though how much her transformation cost her previous attachments may have resulted in what probably looked like memory loss. Once the experiment ended, she knew she was helpless but didn’t let herself fall into desperation, her rage tempered, remembered her son, and helped raise her granddaughter, probably teaching his legacy.

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