The Unofficial OOPS! All Ram Chips™ Thread

In which, just for a lark, you find the movie (or repackaged TV show, or short) you dislike the most. Then you search your soul and name one good thing about it.

I’m not talking here about an episode of the show per se. Just whatever thing they happened to be using as riff fodder.

Easy answers like, “It ended” will result in a failing grade for the course (& no ram chips). :wink:


I’ve never shared the exuberance that most fans seem to have for the Russo-Finnish experiments, though dislike might be too strong a word.

That said, I do love the visuals, in particular those of Jack Frost.

(ram chip, please)


Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders does not have as much Ernest Borgnine as it could have had.


As I said elsewhere, Kitten With A Whip is the one episode I can’t finish. (I did manage it once, but it gets harder every time.)

While her character is the heart of why I can’t stand the movie, I have to admit Ann-Margret is pretty good. I’d heard of her as Elvis’s girlfriend, but never actually seen her, so that was neat. And she does a good job bringing her character to life: the sweet and innocent façade, the maliciously vicious nihilistic monster underneath, occasional glimpses of underlying fragility and pain…

Worst part of the movie: Jody
Best part of the movie: Ann-Margret


There have been a few times I hated a TV series but thought, “The person in charge of lighting is fantastic!” (Is that the “Director of Photography”?)

Not something riffed though…


Usually, I never notice that sort of thing unless it’s so glaringly terrible that I can’t help but see the problem. But for me your comment immediately brings to mind the BSG reboot.

The further it got, the more it sank in that the ever-growing collection of glaring plot holes were not actually hints at a deeper mystery, but rather a sign that the writers had no idea what they were doing and “they have a plan” was a complete lie. And yet, the earnestness of the cast, dramatic lighting, and driving musical scoring lent such an urgency and intensity to the production that I didn’t even process how many things and character choices made no sense whatsoever until the next day. And then the following week I’d be just as drawn in to the next episode.


Incredibly Strange Creatures is an oily, soul crushing movie for me. But Carol Kay (Shook Out of Shape, It Hurts - and not to be confused with bassist, Carol Kaye) has a nice voice (despite the poor sound on the film) and from the brief interaction I had with her, seems a genuinely nice person.


I only learned a couple of weeks ago that she was in this turkey. Thankfully it didn’t make her give up on show biz and go be a bookkeeper or something.


Yeah, while she never became a superstar, she did have a hit song in the 50s, and had a part in an Elizabeth Taylor movie when she was 8, and still performs to this day.

If I’m remembering correctly, she said that she has still not seen The Incredibly Strange Creatures… in full.


Sorry. I just drank an actual Happy Hour cocktail for the first time in months so I’m a little float-y. We are both talking about Carol Kaye, right? :dizzy_face:

[ETA- Never mind. Took me a sec. There are almost as many Carols out there as Steves. :wink: ]


There sure are, there’s even a relatively unknown Carol Kay who recorded a one-shot single in 1966.

But don’t feel bad, there are websites that still credit the wrong Carol, Kaye is older and blond, Kay is brunette and her birth name is actually Carol Kamenis -which is how she was credited in the Taylor film. When she got into pop music with the Teen-Aires, it was changed to Kay.


My least favorite MST3K movie that I’ve seen is The Wild Wild World of Batwoman. Having said that, I was a little intrigued by the opening scene where the three girls drink and declare themselves “synthetic vampires”. It’s a shame it had absolutely nothing to do with the actual plot of the movie.


Um… well… um… ok…


Wild Rebels had race cars and a race car driver, and that was cool.


Cambot riffs in The Sidehackers!


Well, yes. A standout performance. But to win at the Unofficial Ram Chips™ Giveaway, you must cite something from the movie itself, please.


Pal (aka. Lassie) the dog who played Shep in The Painted Hills is a good boy. :heart:


Oh, my mistake. Hmm…

It features chili peppers and I do enjoy spicy food!


The Castle of Fu Manchu is a tedious, incomprehensible chore.

Even so, I’m always glad to see Christopher Lee onscreen. The man’s presence and aura are undeniable.


The white and yellow outfit (with matching hat) at the 35-minute mark of The Castle of Fu Manchu is très chic.

EDIT: Oops! Your Fu Manchu comment wasn’t there when I started typing, @optiMSTie !


Heh, no worries! Great minds thinking alike and all that. :smiley: