The Unofficial The Unofficial OOPS! All Ram Chips™ Thread: Hallmark edition

Quick googling doesn’t turn up that it’s a Christmas movie, but the preview on youtube has Christmas lights and jingling bells music so…

RAM Chip for you! :gift: :+1:

It’s okay if you don’t watch it on Hallmark. It just has to be that sort of movie. Netflix has loads of them, too.


I just saw a second movie where a main character must spend the night in a stranger’s house because it snowed too much while they were eating dinner.

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It’s on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel and the name of the main character lady, who lost her memory (premise!) and is stuck in a small town not knowing who she is on Christmas, is Oh Wait That’s Not Jenny Garth Is It.

Coming up next are:

Time for You to Come Home for Christmas


Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas.

Looks like they don’t share premisese; just title format.

There’s still time to get RAM chips, everyone. I’m giving them out all year.


[hic!] Never mind,

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