The Video Camera Thread

So, I mostly stick with Sony, as they have been rather reliable. At least until I tried one of their first 4k camcorders, and it died during the middle of a event due to a battery malfunction issue.

So, I’m curious what is out there that is newer model, reliable, and 4k.

I don’t do many events as I used to (though would love to film MST live ;o) ). …but it’s still nice to have one available when needed. I used to do radio events mostly, but now even before the pandemic, those dried up dueto budget cuts. sadly.

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I use a GoPro Hero 5 for videos and product review videos for Amazon. They’re pretty good and I really like the viewing range options from narrow view to panoramic.

A lot of the newer phones shoot just fine in 4K. Might need a separate microphone though.


I dunno… I’d find it hard to take someone seriously in the videography department if they showed up with just a phone :). same reason why I don’t stick with a camera over a camcorder/handycam.

also, the few times I’ve had to use the phone (due to battery errors or other needs), I find the picture tends to b e a tad nicer with a more dedicated unit :).

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Fair enough.

There are endless YouTube videos comparing pros and cons of different “best” cameras for various uses. Much will depend on your budget, and how many fancy options you’ll need.

What’s your price range, and what are the most important features (aside from 4K) that you need? I’ve done some video work so I might be able to make some suggestions, although my range of knowledge is somewhat limited depending on your use cases.

Mostly just decent quality still image capability, reliable wi fi streaming to at leastyoutube and facebook would be nice. and a reliable camcorder with a recorded lack of failures :).

the strange thing is, when I search ‘new/2021 cams’ on amazon, only things come up are from a few years ago or 2017 in the 4k department.

If you’re going camcorder I’d probably look at the Canon XA40 or Sony pxw z150s to see if they fit for you.

If you’re thinking a mirrorless body, maybe look at the Panasonic S5 or Sony A7III.

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I used to do TV commercials for a small TV station and I did occasionally take video for the commercials on my phone if no camera was available and it was a simple shoot that didn’t need sound. It worked ok.

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I was looking at this, and for the size, it’s not that bad to have around.

Wonder how long the battery lasts on this thing? 4 hours max would be nice.

the other one I Was looking at was this one. it would be good to have for mic input. and would be my first try at cannon.

something like the above is what I would bring to show that I was at least taking filming mst3k live seriously if ever offered the chance for free ;o)