The weirdest feeling...

After 15 or so odd years of social media being the dominant thing on the internet, the nostalgia and comfort of a community sliding back towards a good ol’ fashioned message board is really kind of nice.

That’s the best way I can explain the feeling. Like a homecoming.

Anyone else feel the same vibe?

(I’m not procrastinating, I swear!)


Message boards are great for 2 finger typers like me. people fall asleep waiting for me to type in chat.


Yeah, I can chat with ONE other person, but more than that and I lose track.

I also prefer email to texting.


Big same. Feel like the combination of forums and chat (the forums I was on back in the day had an equivalent room on AIM) was the best way to get to know people online in any meaningful sense.


I never left forums, even though they’re mostly empty these days. Guess people who only use their phones don’t like them, but I spend all my internet time on my desktop PC. Social media is too big to have any community.


Social media is a drag, I just use it for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and funny stuff.

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It already feels a little like the old (r)atm(m) Usenet group in here. And that’s a very good thing. :slight_smile:


Yeah definitely feeling nice here, so that’s hitting on some nostalgia for sure for me.

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Exactly. I’ve never left forums, and I’m thankful for the ones that have persisted, whether they be general interest ones or targeted for various interests.

Including this one!

I’m really burned out on reddit these days: mostly it’s the downvoting. I tend to not be downvoted myself much, pretty vanilla as a poster (nutter789), but it irritates the heck out of me, to see that kind of petty, mean-spirited tomfoolery applied to others indiscriminately.

Although, I do love Facebook! Yeah, it has problems, but if one is a bit judicious, it’s a fine place to get one’s lolz on.

And to some extent instagram and twitter, but I mostly lurk on those for the lulz.

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