The Wonder of Reproduction - Caption Error

I found an error in the vtt file for The Wonder of Reproduction:

00:01:16.676 → 00:01:19.245

  • [Crow] Gotta go, Mrs
    Spencer, I’m being help up!

The word help here should be held. There should also be a “.” after the Mrs, here, so this is a two-fer in the needs help department!


If you find caption issues, please write them up here:

Good catch!


Well, @LadyShelley, I would write it up there, but that page doesn’t have the shorts (or the tributes) as selectable options.

That’s a triple word score off of a single letter and some punctuation. Just wait until I start trying! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, it could be “missus”, actually. :nerd_face:

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If it were pronounced “mhrs” or even “MRSA,” I’d agree with you there, but that bit of punctuation is just to bring it in line with the rest of the presentation. As the Doctor once said, “a miss is a good as a smile.”


I had just been skipping around when I found the first one I posted. This one is right at the beginning of the short, and there is NO EXCUSE for this one. None at all…

00:00:33.166 → 00:00:37.937

  • Movie Inside! :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:
    (alarm sounding)

I’ve got a couple of other minor items, which are pretty minorly minor:

00:00:02.802 --> 00:00:04.170
- [Announcer] And now another installment
  • Is it more proper to have this say “Announcer” or “Synthia” here? IDK.
00:00:24.057 --> 00:00:26.559
that I never did that again.
  • Bolding the second “that” in this sentence matches Pearl’s vocal emphasis.
00:02:46.933 --> 00:02:48.601
This is the male Betta splendens.
  • Betta splendens should be italicized here, but that’s potentially overly nerdy. There are a few other instances of Betta splendens in the caption file that should also be updated, but I’m not going to enumerate them here.
00:04:34.140 --> 00:04:35.408
- Hopefully by a sports bar.
  • Captioning is often a bit tricky with regards to speaker identification. For example, this line is spoken by Emily, and I’m not sure that’s it’s visually obvious, which is why you typically wouldn’t identify the speaker. IDK.
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The screen words are for hearing lackers.

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It’s the technical difference between “captions” and “subtitles.” The way they’ve coded these, they’re “captions” and if it’s not visually obvious who is speaking, they’re supposed to put it in the caption.

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My favorite cartoon was Caption Caveman. The Subtitles were solid potato salad.

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