Things you've done that no one else you know has done

I’ll go first:

Been up in a hot air balloon
Snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef
Been to a KKK rally*

*note: I was 8 years old, and it was not my choice.


Ooh. Intriguing topic. I’ll let you know if I do anything unique…


I’ve been to all 50 states. If anyone else I know has done that, I’m not aware of it! (My husband is missing just Alaska)


Define “know”.

Almost everything I’ve done was done with someone whose name I know, and probably had eaten with.


It means whatever you want it to mean. I’m not making rules.


If I told you, I’d have to kill you and no one else would know what I’d done again. So I’d say it’s best to skip the middle step and say nothing.


I feel like I’m bragging here, since most of these involve famous people, but you did ask.

I have done some things no one else I know has done but I can’t talk about them (stupid NDAs).

Ones I can talk about-

• Did web toons for Hanna-Barbera just before it went under and got to be the voice of Jabberjaw.
• Starred (okay, I was the sidekick) as the voice in a PS2 game that got accolades for its VO work.
• Had Jeffrey Combs in my small VO studio in Burbank.
• Got to go to London to be in a British radio drama.
• Got into the credits of a couple of (basically unknown) Firesign Theater albums.
• Acted in a scene with Marina Sirtis, but her lines were recorded separately on the other side of the country, so I never met her.
• Got to be in live radio dramas with Jonathan Harris, Anthony Daniels (he patted me on the back!) and Harlan Ellison, who was nicer than his reputation would have you think.
• Got to watch Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen and Forrest Ackerman browse a table I was working at as a vendor (but not talk to me) at DragonCon because they were roaming around the room together.
• Get told by John Landis that I made him feel old (I told him I grew up with his movies).
• Spent all day at a really disappointing national sci-fi con at a table next to Richard Hatch, keeping him laughing all day so that it didn’t suck so much for both of us.
• Had lunch with Frederator Studios’ founder Fred Seibert (who then tried to nickle and dime me about a web show that didn’t happen because of it).
• Got invited to participate in an, unfortunately, aborted attempt to revive National Lampoon Magazine.
• Having a chat with someone who looked really familiar while our puppies played together in an empty public park and then realizing right after I left that it was ERIC FLIPPING IDLE!
• Produced a children’s album that someone once contacted me about and asked me to sign an autograph on a copy of because they loved it when they were a kid and was collecting autographs.

And now some stuff I regret.
• Made a mean joke to Bob May (the guy who was in the robot suit in Lost in Space) and I have no idea why I did it. He was a crotchety old fart, but he wasn’t being a jerk to me.
• Accidentally told the guy who played Little John in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves that the Robin Hood TV show I was watching was better than that movie without realizing it was him.

I’m not rich or famous, but I’ve done a lot and met a lot of rich and famous people.


Despite my long post I made above, I’m honestly more jealous of not having done this than anything in my list I did do. That’s amazing.


Nah man, meeting Jeffrey Combs is way cooler! I mean who really wants to go to Arkansas? Or Nebraska? I’d trade you half a dozen states for Jeffrey Combs.


Maybe I could dig up a diamond in Arkansas and see if Jeffrey Combs would buy it?

Also, I remember virtually nothing of him at this point aside from us going to lunch in my car and him hearing a Radiohead song on the radio and talking about nothing but Radiohead all through lunch.

Which didn’t mean much to me since I couldn’t tell you a Radiohead song if I heard one.

The only other thing I remember about it is him saying to someone, “I’ll do the movie for $1000 but not if the script is s—t.”

Hey, I just remembered I also met one of Clu Gulager’s sons in that recording session!


Going to cons and and stuff is a good way to meet famous people, as is sneaking backstage (which I’m really good at!)

I’m not in the biz, so I don’t usually list famous people I’ve met because most people don’t believe me anyway. I do it because I think those folks are interesting. I don’t care if no one believes me.

But I believe you, FlyingSquid. :slight_smile:


Oh, like who hasn’t done those things? (jk)


One thing that might fit a strict definition of “known”.

In the Big BangTheory, the hallway in L & S apartment had a poster showing the electromagnetic spectrum. I had the same poster in my office. Not the reprints you can find online, but bought in the same… well, I don’t remember the name of the store, but they were common in malls back in the day. Probably all closed now. The reprints are slightly different in the lower center. Copyright and all that.

Nobody in my family had one, and nobody at work mentioned having one. I’d bought (and lost it in an office move) years before BBT came out.

Probably be worth something to the right geek/nerd.

Edit to add - with slightly less strict definitions of ‘known’, NDAs aren’t a problem, but ‘that’s classified’ is.

Unclassified - I’ve been in (one of (there are 3)) the IRS computer room where The Master File (you have to say it with capitol letters) is kept. Yes, it’s what it sounds like.

Another edit to add - 47 states - no Hawaii, Alaska, or North Dakota.

Also, I’ve operated a Cray. Under very close supervision, after a great deal of begging, I was allowed to ask it the time based on its system clock.

And as noted in the hat party thread, I’ve ridden in a locomotive.


Re: states, are we talking actually lived in and/or visited or driven through?


Being selected to sing in front of guests at Walt Disney World for one of their shows. breathes on knuckles, rubs them on chest

As one of the Cast Members said before the show, “Think of this as an attraction that only 15 guests per day get to go on.”


I got the honor of studying martial arts with Sensei Fumio Demura, who has the distinction of the guy who taught Bruce Lee how to use the nunchaku, and he was the body double for Sensei Miyagi in the original Karate Kid.

I’ve also studied Wing Chun with Sifu Augustine Fong, whose teacher, Ip Man, was also the primary teacher of one Bruce Lee.


My definition is (eat or pooped)+(touched dirt), same as ‘been in county’ (no airport stops) (I had a layover in Rome, had a fine meal, but never left the airport, so I don’t claim Italy).


Which model? If it was the one and only Cray-3 ever built, that’s a rare credit.


Secret things I’ve done that (almost) nobody knows about:

  • Did significant work behind the scenes for [REDACTED] and it’s so secret there’s not even a “thank you” in the credits - totally obscure and I love it.
  • Devised a new kind of magic trick that was used by [REDACTED] and garnered the biggest audience response they’d ever received.
  • Wrote a quasi-professional blog about [REDACTED] that ran for four years.
  • Currently writing another blog (two years now) under the name of [REDACTED].

I get thrown out of places I actually belong at. How do you do it?!


Are you not wearing the “STAFF” t-shirt you were given?