This is my mechanical invention…

…it’s actually a time machine.

I’ve got Santo on for background while I’m working and that line read absolutely kills me every time.

One of the funniest parts of 1301 is the whole first part of the movie where Santo is talking to the scientists before he shoves his girlfriend into the lady-spinner. The tone and inflection of the dubbing is so funny, especially the exchange between the indoor-sunglasses guy (is he blind?) and Santo.

Just perfect.


What complicated problem do you want to see solved with a mechanical invention?

Santo has a lock on time travel via tilt-a-whirl. I’m thinking I’d like to see a Turing-complete roller coaster.


Off topic, but I just needed to say that it’s also really great that Santo tries to get Perico to get in the machine and it’s only after he refuses that Santo is like “well, a woman would be four times more likely to survive anyways.”


Perico, you need to leave him!

Another fantastic riff, which I also had on as background earlier.


My favorite riff is the sunglasses man pretending to be blind for over 20 years with his wife.