This MST3K list just popped up on my news feed. Do you agree with it?

When I say “the MSTie experience in a nutshell,” it’s not that I mean watching MST3K with other people, but the idea that we all get something unique and wildly varied out of viewing all these different episodes.

That whole concept that we come into the series from different perspectives and see the episodes and riffs from different vantage points, reacting in myriad ways. And there’s something about that notion that I find so utterly appealing, that keeps MST3K fresh as I see where all the different MSTies are coming from.


Yep. I seem to be the only fan who has Secret Agent Super-Dragon as her fave, but it’s tied with Puma Man which is a big-time fan fave. So, uh… :man_shrugging:t3: People are gonna’ people, I guess…?


A similar list from a couple of months ago—at least it includes some Jonah.


It’s not my favorite but I love it. I also love Pumaman.


Actually, I was writing that with a little bit of envy. I know that everyone has an experience. My experience with MST is a solitary one which is why these kinds of websites are nice. I actually get to see that there are other people who watch it and I can interact with them. :slight_smile:


Good. I didn’t want to be the first curmudgeon, but I have no intention of “clicking.”

And, in my case, it’s not just being a contrarian: I know what my favorite experiments and host segments are.

Daddy’O hikes up his own pants, thank you very little!


I do enjoy commiserating here and elsewhere about favorite moments, but just a dim opinion of these lists.

If it’s fun for someone, that’s cool, though.

Deep hurting wants some companionship!

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I Was A Teenage Werewolf is on my top 25, and that doesn’t make many (if any) toppermost lists.

I like Super Dragon too, not top 25, but I like it.

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I would put The Incredible Melting Man in my top 15 AND dub it the best episode of Season 7.

And Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell wouldn’t be too far behind.

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I rewatched Melting Man just the other day. Still love the host segments and the rest is… okay.

Deathstalker , though. That one’s truly magical.

Given the comments here on these listicles (and I’m not saying I disagree), what do you think about the all-encompassing list on Paste from a few years back (and yes, it’s been updated to include both recent Netflix seasons):

That one’s even worse that the first one linked here, but at least it includes the reboot.

I didn’t like that one. I read it a while back and I was not much impressed with it. Well, I was impressed with the amount of time obviously put into writing it, but from the very bottom rung episodes, I was in disagreement.

Honestly, I don’t know why there’s this need to make these lists for anything but personal consumption. Heck, I can’t even decide for myself beyond that a grouping of episodes is in my top 20. And sometimes, I’ll get a hankering to watch an episode that is NOT in my usual top 20. So I watch it.

But why do we do anything we do as fans, it’s all meaningless if you think about it, important to the self, but beyond that, where’s the need for any of it?

In the grand scheme of things, when we die, we take all of this with us. No one will know, in detail, what was in my headspace, no one will care - and with each passing generation, memories will fade and more of me will be lost until all that remains is a name on a tombstone. So why put in the effort, why talk about our politics, spirituality, philosophy, or favorite episodes of Gilligan’s Island. Why compile a list, or create a blog, or share on social media, why insist on our significance, why grasp for immortality and cry out “This is me, this is what I think and like, see me, accept me!” Why don’t I just sit here and stare at the walls, the end results are the same? It all comes to nothing.

Why should Jim make a list, why should I read it, why should I have an opinion on it, why should I smile over Jack Frost’s high ranking, or be angered by Yucca Flats hovering around the bottom third? Seriously, unless he comes over to my house with a gang of toughs, ruffs me up until I renounce my high ranking, then destroys all copies of the episode… it doesn’t really touch me, does it? I’m still going to enjoy Yucca.

On the other hand, I gather it’s better than starring at walls, we have to do something to fill in the time. Maybe that’s “why” enough?

Lastly - it’s Jim’s list, it’s fine for Jim. He loves the show, and he put a lot of love and effort into his list. Good for him. And in a few moments, it’ll turn to fog and fade and have zero impact on me or my life or my viewing habits.

And so too, this long-winded musing of mine will be read or ignored or argued, and also be eventually forgotten. As it should be. It’s all stuff and nonsense, just something to while away the hours.

Hmm, I might be having an existential crisis. :thinking:


So long as I don’t have to submit a ranking of all the articles which rank the episodes. That would finish me right here and now. o_0


This is why when I ask someone, I ask for their favorite episodes, rather than the best episodes. Any list they give is individual and subjective, and that’s a much better descriptor for ‘favorite’ than ‘best’, which implies some sort of relatively objective measurement.

Therefore, there is no “30 Best” list. This is someone listing their favorites and calling it ‘best’, and those are two different things. All the reasons in the world for ranking any one episode above any other are entirely personal and of no relevance to anyone else making their own list.

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I was watching the Santa Claus episode the other day and I never noticed just how very depressing that movie is. There was a bit where a little girl mentioned not being able to receive a dolly and it’s more about how poor her mother was. This caught me off guard and I actually got a little choked up for a moment. Stuff like that gets me though.


It strikes me as a fairly good list - if you’ve only watched each episode once. There’s not alot of depth to it. For instance, IMHO Gameron vs Guiron is BY FAR the best of the Sandy Frank episodes. And how in the world can one not have “Time of the Apes” on there? (On a positive note, at least the list DOES include “I Accuse My Parents” - my personal favorite). And would it be so difficult to put at least one of the Netflix episodes in? “Cry Wilderness” maybe? It certainly made me laff more than “Fugitive Alien”

Yeah. I try and avoid the mean voice in the back of my head which says,

“A week from now, Dad will hock that doll so they can have a bag of rice to start the New Year. He’ll tell her it fell off the balcony and got smashed to try and spare her feelings.”

No. “Teenagers from Outer Space”, “The Sidehackers”, “Amazing Colossal Man”, “Daddy-O”, “Gamera vs Barugon”, and “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” should be on anyone’s top list. I’d argue for “Rocketship X-M”, “King Dinosaur”, “The Killer Shrews”, and “I Accuse My Parents” too.


Before the start of the Netflix seasons, I did an analysis of all the various episode rankings out there. I noted their scores, normalized the data, removed outliers, and calculated the average score for each episode (I called it the ‘community ranking’).

You can see the results here:

The columns are sortable, so you can see most reviewers’ favorite episodes were Mitchell, Manos, and Pod People. Their least favorite episodes were Mad Monster, Hamlet, and Robot vs. Aztec Mummy.