Thoughts on MST3K "The Movie"

I kinda forget about the movie


I think it’s easy to forget that The Movie is a lot of people’s first experience of MST3K, especially outside the US, I remember it very fondly.

It does feel a little “other”, not as out-there as (say) the two Doctor Who/Dalek movies, but still noticeably different, but if there’s one thing MST3K does well, it’s deal with “different” with ease.


I’m honestly amazed it’s as funny as it is considering the vast amount of executive interference.




I think they definitely chose the right film. While THIS ISLAND EARTH’s first act is pretty good, the second goes off the rails and the third is an out of control cluster of nonsensical cliches. I only wish they hadn’t been forced to such a short running time.

Well, that and the studio deciding to give BARB WIRE the wide release and promo push instead of them.


“Weenie-Man Awaaaay!”

“No sir, that’s paper.”

"Other people need to use this ladder, you know "

Awesome riffing on The Movie.


Shortly after I fell in love with the show, my parents told me there was a movie, so of course I had to have it. Since I first saw MST3K in the SciFi years, it was my first exposure to Dr. F, who I thought was hilarious! I was too young to know any of the behind-the-scenes stuff going on at the time- it was more MST3K, and that was all that mattered to me! Plus, it taught me to say this whenever something needs to be fixed: “Science, industry, and technology! Big men putting screwdrivers into things, turning them, and adjusting them!”


Oh! And it introduced us all to The Amazing RANDO!!!


If there’s any movie that warrants a Director’s Cut, it’s this one.


The movie was my first introduction to MST3K. It was a favorite to play at my friends’ movie nights in highschool. It was usually shown alongside The Rocky Horror Picture Show and occasionally The Transformers: The Movie.


I was a fan of the show in the CC days and so I was excited when I heard about the movie, but then it only showed at a theater over an hour away so I thought I’d wait… and it never came… and was barely even advertised, I almost thought I’d imagined the whole thing because it was barely even talked about. Then a couple of years later when I was visiting a college, one of my friends pops up with the VHS for movie night! And that was my first time seeing it.


I don’t rewatch the movie enough, frankly. I did see the original movie afterwards so I can see where they left some stuff out of the riffs, like Englebort showing up and getting vaporized (which is hilarious). But they did amazing, for the difficulty in getting it made it turned out so well.


I gasped out loud at “Oh, whoop-de-s***.”


It’s all right.

There are some solid laughs ( :musical_note: “Mike broke the Hubble! Mike broke the Hubble!!” :musical_note: ) and it’s great to see the different sets. BUT I really feel the absence of TV’s Frank as a foil for Dr. F. The selected movie is cut too short and so bland. I never remember much about it except a tram (?) and the monster. Oh, and the famous orange cat.)


“I’m in one of these boxes, Joe! Find me!”


The movie was my first introduction to the series, and my parents’ and siblings’ and best pals’ in high school as well, and I was hooked.

We wrote in each other’s senior yearbooks things like “May your forehead grow like the mighty oak!”

And it is still eminently quotable for those I watched it with just as much as say ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail,’ both behind the scenes stuff and movie riffs.

Crow: “Oh, there it is. ‘Breach hull, all die!’ Even had it underlined!”

Government lab scene that looks like lowering giant metal squares into giant toaster:
“The secret government Eggo project.”
“Inserting the breakfast pastry. Get Dr. Jemima in here!”
“Oh, my waffles are burning! Oh the humanity!”

Cal: “Until we can confirm what happened here, we were all blind.”
Nerdy Joe Riff: “I’ll go poke Webb’s eyes out.”

Cal (after settling into the tube compartment) : “I feel like a new toothbrush.”
Riff: “So rub me in a circular motion on your gums.”

Riff for Brack (as he fires lasers) : “Eat my photons, small heads!”

And on and on. XD


I remember it for having to spend more time on trains and subways to get into and out of Philly than sitting in the theater. But it was worth it to see it on a big screen.

Normal view!


Still haven’t seen it. I’m waiting for technology to catch up to the director’s vision.

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I enjoy the Movie, it’s a lot of fun and very quotable.

My husband and I saw it at a tiny theater in Denver (The Tivoli, anyone else remember that one?) and there were maybe 20-25 of us (and the theater maybe sat 50). We had a great time.


I saw it via the secretive free version on the internet. (I later purchased it because I felt guilty), but I liked it. I found it very interesting to compare to the episodes. One thing was the difference in the film. The usual quality found on TV was definitely upgraded for the movie, and the sets gave a feeling of a lot more space in the SOL, not just different rooms but the size just felt a lot bigger.

Then, later, I found out all the behind-the-scenes chaos of it and I wonder if it was worth it or not. Still, it was well-riffed.