thread merging reasons and whatfroms

When a thread gets moved, all you get is a notification that something happened. You click the notification and it takes you to your own post that got moved and it is left up to you to figure out what actually happened. Can there be added some context? A little note on why it was moved would be nice, but at least let us know which thread all the merged posts came from.


You know, this is a really good suggestion and something we’ll have to keep in mind for further thread merging in the future.

Thanks for throwing that feedback our way, it’s very much appreciated!


I’m shocked that you didn’t find a remotely similar thread to merge this into…

And then… not explain it… just reply exactly as you did.

I admire your self control and restraint.

You’re a much better person than I am. And, a much better person than literally any other mod I’ve dealt with in recent history … other than the Mods I’ve worked side by side in the trenches with. So … very long ago.

Bravo :+1:

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Better self control than I have then? :wink:

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eh okay let’s run with that



Are you just mad that you didn’t think of my idea? :wink:

(You’re a mod, you can wibbly wobbly this into exactly that … still?)

Community reference? Clearly someone is streets ahead


As sort of the inverse of the original request here: when a thread is locked and merged into another thread the locked thread gets an explanation, but it shows up in the merged-to thread as just another post. For example, Pantalones had a comment today starting with “Not sure if this is where this goes…” which was merged into a the Mask livestream thread and that’s a little confusing because “this is where” now refers to DIFFERENT place from where I read it, but I didn’t know that when I saw it.

Anyway it’s a tiny thing and may not be possible but a little flag that says “this comment was merged in from another thread” could be useful in a few cases. In case anyone is stockpiling “general Discourse improvement” ideas.


Now that’s what I call service!

Thanks @optiMSTie !