thread updating automatical scrolling wanted

My experience with the live stream threads is that you can’t just sit back and watch the hundreds of new posts roll by. Is it supposed to and I’m doing it wrong?

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They should automatically appear at the bottom of the thread, but it doesn’t actively scroll the page for you - you have to do that yourself.

Edit to add: Across multiple forums that used Discourse, I’ve never seen auto scrolling happen.

Auto scrolling just makes me go, “Hey! I was still reading that!”


Same, same, same.

It makes me feel like:

“Aaaaaah, Ricky, it’s scrolling too fast, aaaaaaaah!”


Well then I request it as a feature. It’s no way to way to watch a tv show if you’re always scrolling. It’s one thing to peek at the latest comments but I have bonbons to eat with my scrolling hand. Let’s implement a “scroll for me” button.

Wouldn’t that just be a chatroom? We have those here already.


Improvements to the Discourse ought not to be based on the existence of features elsewhere.

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Fair enough.