Ticket Stub Case

Feature Request.

Ticket stub case: I’d love to see tickets for every live show attended (especially with the art), and a trophy board of every MST3K watched at the 'Plex. I’d love being able to see what other people have been watching when I encounter them. I should also be able to print them off if I want a physical representation of the shows/events I’ve watched.


That feature would be even better if integrated with this forum. Show off your stubs here where we get social.


Of course, only with their blessing. It’s disconcerting when you’re being investigated upon every interaction.


Agreed on this.

There should be a feature where you can toggle your ticket stub case being private or public.

If you want to keep track of your ticket stubs but not have that visible to everyone, that should be an option.


But, come to think of it, wouldn’t everyone have a full case?


during the livestream, Ivan mentioned that there would be a way to see your collection of tickets in the Gizmoplex (will classic episode purchases come with a ticket as well? Or is that a separate thing, cannisters only?)

Also, for a physical copy - do a screengrab, edit it down to the edges, and you could print that on the paper stock of your choice if you wanted.

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I like the idea of trophy cases or achievements kind of thing, but I’m a little leery of anything that’s tied to ability to pay.

I understand why it has to be this way for the Kickstarter in particular (and it’s not lost on me that I set my forum title to Backer), but part of the vibe for me with MST is how inclusive it is, and there was an element of…I dunno, telling people to record the broadcasts and then “keep circulating the tapes” feels sort of subversive and cooperative in a way that I always liked.

So trophies yes, but trophies that you have to pay for…maybe only for your personal collection, not something that can be toggled to broadcast to the whole world?

I don’t know. I’m sure this can be articulated better and I certainly enjoy being able to show off that I was able to be a backer this time, so there’s a lot of room for a happy middle ground.


I agree, but it also feels like it ties into the KS backer atrium. Because the same thoughts can be applied there- people shouldn’t be left out because they “can’t pay” but that’s kind of the whole idea of “clout” in the age of the internet anyway. Video games with pay-to-play and micro transactions come to mind…

Maybe we include a level of MST trivia games, so that anyone can participate and win a trophy for knowing the most Beef McLargehuge names and listing them in 60 seconds???

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I think experiential achievements would be fun. Like did you attend one of Joel’s workshops? Unlock an achievement. Did you have a letter read by the cast during a livestream? Unlock an achievement. Have you watched every episode of X season that’s available in the Gizmoplex? Unlock an achievement.


I’m on the fence about something like this… I’m not big on collecting for collecting’s sake, like Scouts having the opportunity to learn a skill, but only caring about getting another badge.

I know which ones I’ve been to, and I’m not one for bragging. It’s probably something I’d not use or turn off.


with me it’s about the pretty pretty - I do art, I like visuals, so seeing them collected is less about bragging and more about looking at a picture that pleases the eye. All those tickets stacked side by side and top to bottom… might look like a Warhol. :wink: