Time Bubble Tour KC

Who else enjoyed the show in Kansas City tonight? I especially enjoyed the riff that “it looks like the 80s barfed all over Joey’s room”
And the SONGS; that Emily can sing!


We had a great time!


Ok, so I get to be the Debbie Downer here. I thought the show was fantastic and the riffs and songs were great.

I was not impressed with the Kauffman Center. I have attended some smaller, shorter performances there before but last night I kept trying to make the best of it and found myself uncomfortable and annoyed. Seats were uncomfortable and tight in that theater(they are new but would have been considered the style in the 80s and 90s) and it was too warm.

Concessions were weak - slow lines and you couldn’t take what little you could get with you into the theater. Was there a sewer line break somewhere? The distant men’s bathroom was racid all night. I would have preferred to find a bush outside if not for the long walk down the stairs and corridors to get there.

The Harry Potter thing let out at the same time and it took awhile to get out of a relatively small parking garage. I realize with the pandemic venues are sometimes a bit rough. Still, I won’t go back. Loved the show but that venue in the Kauffman theater isn’t nice. I had one of the best seats in the house - mostly crummy like all the others. If the tour comes back I hope they find a better venue.