Time Bubble Tour...

…was awesome!

The movie was definitely aimed at the thinking man, and dare I say… perhaps too cerebral? But I digress. It was absolutely a film and it accomplished everything films set out to do - colors, moving pictures, sounds, the whole shindig.

And I’m sorry for the following spoilers, but I can confirm that these awesome people are involved:

Such a fun night!


Can you give any details about the "narrative"of the show? Was there a new theme song for Emily? Does the “Time Bubble” set up open the door for season 13? Was there any mention of Jonah, Joel or the Gizmoplex?

Thanks for any deets!


Hm… I know that I preordered the tickets for the Seattle show, but since it’s called the Time Bubble Tour… are there any bubbles?



To your points: The themesong was tweaked. Not to spoil it, but I think the Jury is still out on the industrial hard rock, heavy metal, grunge and electronic music, punk rock, pop music and gothic tones. We’ll see!

The Time Bubble sets up the premise for the tour and at least one spin-off series starring the misadventures of Cambot and his new Swedish sidekick ‘Lucky’. Honestly, I don’t remember ‘Lucky’ from any earlier episodes and there were references to some sort of talking dog named ‘Poochie’? But it’s gonna guest star Gabe Kaplan from ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’ fame so here’s hoping!

I strongly believe I saw foreshadowing for Bethesda’s next ‘Fallout’ game. Very clever of Bethesda to hide their easter eggs on MST3K - that viral marketing sure is something!


So many bubbles!

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On the off chance my reply didn’t satisfy, I will elaborate:

Yes, the theme was slightly tweaked for our new hostess with the mostest. Much in the same way they’ve done for other hosts. “Hosts”. Just say that word. “Hostess”. It’s just fun to say out loud. “Scuba!”. “Edited them!”.

The Time Bubble really does set up the premise for the tour. Season 13? I’m not sure. (Edit:Damn android)

All previous hosts and mainline villains got a shout out. Somewhere Josh is gnashing his teeth… I kid, since Dr. Laurence Erhardt is a fan favorite of mine but I’m not, like, losing sleep or anything, it’s just a funny thought now that you have me analyzing everything.

The overall production was mostly focused on the Episode at hand - Which was necessary because the film being riffed is a mess. Lol. They (the cast) nailed it and I left satisfied.

Although the production was “time travel” themed, and they threatened us with a screening of ‘The Crawling Eye’, that particular aspect seemed more like a vehicle for the host segments than a retread of MST3Ks past. It definitely felt like they’re moving forward.

I liked it! And lemme tell you, I’d gripe if I felt like it. Good show. I just don’t want to spoil details. Spoilers and whutnot.


I’ve been a MSTIE since the early 90’s, and now I get to bring my boys (9 and 12) into this world! Of course there was the trepidation of a show without Joel…never fear, the Bubble show was great! We were so excited to get to see the first show of this tour (we also saw two of the Cheesy shows). They have really taken the spirit of the MST3K into this new generation, and its a relief to see it can carry on and bring the same joy. My boys and I have been quoting their comments all day today…always a good sign!


His home planet was the SOL all along!


All the plot-threads are coming home to roost!


Assuming the tour schedule has been finalized, looks like I’ll have to give this tour a miss. The closest stop they’ll make is Washington D.C., which is a 4-5 hour drive depending on how much of a hellscape I-95 is. I’d have to go to work the next day, so with luck it’ll eventually crop up at the Gizmoplex.


That’s what I’m hoping for, too. It’s coming to my town but I feel like both the viruses and my finances are too iffy to brave it. I did enjoy the last two tours, though.

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I hope they add more shows in the new year. The one near me was cancelled.

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I’ve got my tickets for the Utah show. I can’t wait to see them next month.


@TardisCaptain I’m going to that one, too! (I tried to reply to your post directly, but it just made a new post. That seems to happen a lot)


My SIL and I are going to the New Haven show at the Shubert Theater. It’s my first MST3K live show, first time at the Shubert, and the first time the two of us will be doing something together without additional family members along. I’m so excited! I think the last time I was at a live show was either Trailer Park Boys or Animaniacs In Concert (and that was before kid 2 came along!).

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Yeah I’ll be that person… Cleveland tommorrow cannot wait.


I’m going to the Cleveland show also!!

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Can anyone who has been to the show with VIP tickets answer a couple questions?

What time does the venue open for early VIP entry? And do the shirts come in different sizes?

Thanks much!


Emily & Nate Q&A! Redirecting...

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For anyone looking for answers to VIP ticket questions, @Misty_Fan_V helpfully provided their experience:

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