To Ivan and Lesley... (plus everyone)

…and to all else that made this forum happen. many fandom groups ive joined over the years tend to be a bit toxic by default, so well done everyone here for making this a welcoming and friendly environment for all.

the fact that there is an ‘adopt a random thread’ so that everyone is welcomed and feels part of the mst family, rather than ignored, says it all.

In addition, thanks for all the hard work of Ivan , Lesley, the whole Alternaversal crew and several others who prob dont get name checked as much as they should. Every mstie on earth is forever in debt for your efforts to keep something so special to millions live on.

Enjoy your weekend, chill out, and dont complain about anything until monday :slight_smile:


For anyone in the United States, until Tuesday. Monday’s a holiday; take some time off.


for us in ireland, im just lucky im not working at 8am tomorrow haha. keep the folks on the east coast in your prayers, but otherwise , chill til tuesday morning US peeps.

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We have something special here. I’ve seen groups do amazing things when they become communities.

I was in on a dinosaur listserv a long time ago. It got pretty acrimonious, then people started reigning themselves in because the negativity wasn’t helping anyone. That got everyone on the same page. Then a beloved member died and we all buried our hatchets in her name and made something better out of it.


moral of the story : we should really just relax. :slight_smile:


When I was at the Film Fest in Rhode Island, the lady next to me chided me for going off and leaving my purse unattended, but I pointed out we were in a room full of MSTies so nothing was going to happen to it.

MSTies are the best


Still, a bold move on your part, considering how often “he stole my purse!” shows up as a riff. Some MSTie might have grabbed it just to give the others a quoting opportunity. :blush:


Just as long as there aren’t any forklifts around…

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