🦃 Today’s Turkey Day Vote is LIVE! 🦃 First round winner THE SKYDIVERS tackles CATALINA CAPER!

Gotta make mine Catalina Caper.

It’s just too colorful and lively and silly to let it fall by the wayside.

Also, as @perfectfaceforradio said:

Sounds good enough for me!


Yes I love both, but the tryptophan will be making people sleepy enough. I think if you want your audience awake for the whole Turkey Day maybe lay off the Colman Francis… well, except for Beast of Yucca Flats.

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I really like the Coleman Francis episodes. I think Francis and MST go together so well, and while I know it’s a classic episode, Catalina Caper doesn’t do it for me as much. Plus, the host segments are rather clunky (although I do love the invention exchange).


Definitely all in for Creepy Girl.