Today's pointless survey question

This is an oxymoron of Atlantean proportions.


For most, I suppose.

I have a powerful sweet tooth but I refuse to squander it on those things. The damn box they come in has better flavor.

Huh, that’s an interesting question, let me just click my answer and…

sees results

…oh, I think I might be doing something wrong with my life.

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I’m in an office so shrug. Could be hundreds or could be zero depending on what drawers I open, I suppose.

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I acquired two yesterday thanks to Skip The Dishes

Now to hide them away in a drawer forever because I can’t throw them out unused without guilt


A long time ago, when I had to work in an office on a daily basis, I collected a medium-sized box full of different sauce packets, including ketchup, mustard, and various other condiments from local Chinese restaurants. Note that mustard in packets from those restaurants change color over time.

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I legitimately want to know who answered “More than twenty” because I have questions.

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