Top of the World Ma!

The hostile takeover of the world or universe you responded to. Ernst Stavros Blofeld, Sheev Palpatine, Agent Smith, Gozer, Skynet, the Nazis, Mola Ram, dinosaurs, the aliens of Independence Day (1996), Voldemort, Thanos. Name the force that moved you?

Responded to in a positive way or in a negative way?

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Whichever. Either counts.

Gotcha. I’ll have to think on it.

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Well, as I usually make a reference to SkyNet becoming self-aware on a weekly basis, I will go with SkyNet.


To be honest, I’d probably follow Loki on whatever scheme he cooked up. If I gotta be ruled, I’ll take the sassy bad boy with the cute accent! (The nice one from Loki, though. True homicidal mania is to be avoided!)


Hard to go wrong there. My best buddy of 25 years would agree. The Terminator (1984) is his favorite film.

Young Nasty Man, arch rival and nemesis of Wonder Boy.

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That’s telekinesis, Kyle!

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Oh, right. :smiley: I forgot.

I have to say that the aliens from Edge of Tomorrow (since that came up in a different thread) were very cleverly devised. While we get nothing from their POV, we see the fallout of the fact that they understand what is happening much better than any of the humans do and they try to fix what happened and end the cycle.

Now, while I did not like the Star Wars prequels (they killed off the most interesting characters in the first movie), Darth Maul always impressed me. They made him menacing and a real force to be reckoned with. If I recall correctly, he never says a word through the entire movie and the final battle having to wait for the various forcefields to lower so that they could continue fighting was very well done.

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Edge of Tomorrow (2014) rocked it on the aliens. The time looping dynamic switched the playing field and raised the tension. The enemy stayed shrouded in mystery. A plus in my book. Maul? He said very little. 33 words in two scenes. “Tatooine is sparsely populated. If the trace is correct, I will find them quickly, Master.” “At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.” And near the end, “Yes, my Master…”

Not quite sure what you’re asking, but if you’re asking: Assuming an evil villain’s plans actually succeeded and they took over the world, which world would you want to live in?

That’s a hard one. Of the choices above, I’d be tempted to choose Thanos because (assuming I survived the snap) other than the massive emotional trauma of losing 50% of all life on Earth… you have just dealt with overpopulation/population/resource shortage in a massive (but effective) way that doesn’t leave a bunch of corpses or burning buildings littering up the landscape, and those that survive are in no immediate danger. Plus, the villain in question doesn’t actually want to rule or enslave anything, he just buggers off to become a farmer. Mind you, this is assuming Thanos’ dumb ass wish didn’t also kill off 50% of all plants, bees, food animals, plankton, microbes in the soil, etc. which is going to have catastrophic effects on life everywhere, and cause more death and starvation than if you’d just left well enough you unthinking purple prat.

That said, if it means I also have to live in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with every other Marvel character… no thanks. Their entire multiverse gets threatened and reality gets rewritten on a yearly basis, and there’s a new war or apocalypse every other Tuesday. The same goes for DC, Star Trek, Doctor Who, or any other franchise where entire planets or galaxies are frequently wiped out in the blink of an eye just so the heroes can experience some pathos and deal with a “very grave threat.”

Instead, I’d probably have to go for somebody with incredibly narrow and short-sighted goals, who’s easily toppled after they theoretically “win.” Somebody like Prefessor Neon/Rat Fink from Wild World of Bat Woman, Doctor Zorka from The Phantom Creeps, or the idiot aliens from Signs that invade a planet that’s 75% water and can’t figure out how doors work.

Actually, I’d definitely have to go with the Signs aliens, since despite their idiocy and easily exploited weakness, they somehow mastered both FTL travel and cloaking technology. Which means we could almost certainly reverse engineer their spacecraft, and go invade their homeworld, armed only with gas masks and super-soakers.


World-class answer. Tremendous ad-lib of extrapolating the meaning and laying it out. Thanos pushes the envelope and he is a rich fascinating contradiction. My question is even simpler than your read. By “Name the force that moved you?”, what philosophy or culture of an antagonist did you most relate to or thought attractive? Living under it is a further dimension I didn’t ask. Even so it’s an intriguing wrinkle I hadn’t entertained.

All true, but I think you’re seriously underestimating the devastating impact of losing 50% of the human population. 14th century Earth was much less interdepedendent than 21st century Earth, and it fell to pieces with the slow-motion Thanos of the Black Death.

My guess is that the real damage to the ecology would come from the starving remainder of the world, with worthless money (hyperinflation would be almost inevitable), burning and/or eating everything they could get their hands on.