Trading Cards

Darkseid… Respect for a honorable opponent.

I agree that Dick makes more sense than Gar, but putting Dick there would require switching the existing Nightwing in the image with someone else, and by that point they would have been better just redrawing the whole picture.


Of course, just steams my beans a little, is all.

And I totally had a bunch of those aforementioned Looney Tunes/MLB cards. Even as a cry-when-they-lose 10-year-old fan, even I had to admit that Wile E. Coyote in a Cubs uniform was perfect casting.


As promised, some of my many (MANY) trading cards. Lots of pictures so hidden for ease of scrolling


Lots of X-Files sets (I’ve even got a set that was released in Australia) These were the cards released with the VHS tapes

Star Wars (Blue)

Star Wars (yellow)

Battlestar Galactica

Bet you never thought you’d see Fred Astaire on a trading card!

Stargate (movie) As far as I know, they’ve never released any cards for the TV shows, dangit!

For @LadyStarblade SeaQuest DSV cards were released

Autographed Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s card

Looney Toons Baseball

Mickey Mouse cards

And Muppets!


Lotsa great jazz here! I particularly like the Muppets cards, Star Wars cards, and Stargate cards.



I didn’t even bother with all of the Star Trek cards (three binders worth!) Classic Trek through Voyager.

Oh and metals. There was this brief rage to make the cards metal. Have some Star Wars metal cards


Now I’m thinking about what hypothetical sets of MST3K trading cards would be like:

“I’ll trade you a Max Keller and one of my White Dot’s for one Jimmy Wilson!”


I’ll make that trade if you give me ‘Mega Weapon’ for one my ‘Mitchell Angry Buddha’s, I got like six of em’!


Oh I would so buy MST3K trading cards. Trading cards, not game cards.


Of course, we also have the TV trading cards that fit together into a picture of Love Boat ship’s doctor Bernie Kopell.



Oh, they’re trading cards, we just play STRA -TEE - GOH ! with them.


I remember myself and all my geeky comic book friends buying the Joseph Michael Linsner, “Dawn and Beyond” packs - for the limited edition signed cards… and the naked Disney character cards. We figured we better get them before he got sued and they disappeared and became collector items. I don’t know that he ever did get in trouble for that, don’t know if they ever became collectors’ items (and I’m at work, so I’m not about to googlesearch it).

Here’s a ‘safe’ example of the front and backs of the cards.



I had a bunch of these. I kept them in a box with a few OG Mars Attacks! and Batman cards that my brother gave me. I think Mom tossed them all.

Art Spiegelman was one of the Wacky Packs artists.


Garbage Pail Kids.

Absolutely these. Not just the standard run cards, either – the “giant postcard” series (15 in all) and tons of the toys (some licensed; others clearly bootlegs) that were being shoveled out at the time. For the 90s-and-later crowd: it’ll be hard to believe but GPK was, for a certain age group, as big as Pokémon. Seriously.

I stuck with 'em all the way to series 15 and then lost the entire collection in an unfortunate cleaning-out-my-locker situation.

A little later in life, I ended up with complete collections of:

… Skybox’s lone series for Bill Nye and:

… Cornerstone’s Akira set which were stills from the movie on the front and nibbles of story on the back (nothing from the comics and no cool trivia or behind-the-scenes from the movie’s production).

The Nye collection was appropriated by an ex. I don’t remember what became of the Akira cards. Maybe they’re still around here somewhere…?


ebay is a good source for these now


Yep, independent card publisher RRParks put out three official series of MST3K cards, 2018-2020 (plus an unlicensed “Series Four” that focused on the shorts from the show, as well as a separate set of Manos cards). Lots of fun stuff there, with highlights including original sketch cards and cast autographs (Series 3 only).

To get an idea of exactly what’s out there, the Trading Card Database makes a valiant effort of listing it all.

I bought a ton of this stuff and have many, MANY duplicates I’d love to thin out (mostly Series 3… I bought a few boxes chasing autographs), so if you’re down to trust a stranger on the internet, I’m happy to trade or sell. As far as trade, I’m up for card offers (I mainly collect baseball cards, but am up for nearly anything) and I would love to add MST3K/RT physical media I’m missing. (Like, if anyone has extra copies of the hard-to-find DVD sets to part with, I could make you a compelling offer of MST3K cards in exchange.)


Tom Taggart was a comic book cover artist in the 90s who did some cool cards for Marvel. But his medium wasn’t pen, paper or brush but modelling clay…