Trouble with Reward Survey

I have tried 3x unsuccessfully so far to complete my Reward Survey. I got the the confirmation screen each time, but it just hangs. Does anybody else have the same issue?

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There’s some discussion of that in the other thread as well, so it appears you’re not alone. I’m sure @ivan is on it.


Please let ANYONE with problems know that the fastest way to get help is to email Drop us an email and we’ll do what we can to help asap.


is it possible to pin a PSA in regards to stuff like this? something that displays as soon as you see the forum main page for example? could save yourselves a lot of repeating yourself and active followers can just direct people to that PSA for these things. can just set up a post myself o course, but obviously carries a bit more interest from yourselves.


This is an excellent idea, no matter who posts it.


I found that when I was all done and hit the final confirmation button, it would not proceed. In the final “ship to” column, I had to add my state from a drop down list. Hope this helps somebody.

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I’m super irritated. I pledged my money just fine but apparently paying for the add ONS and whatnot thru backer kit it won’t accept the exact card I used for my pledge to pay for these things?

Hit up, they’ll get you sorted out.

I’m kinda over it. It’s been a very frustrating process I just used a different card.