True Facts

This may be EXTENDING the definition of “riffing” a bit too far, but are there any other fans of ZeFrank’s True Facts series?

They always make me laugh out loud:

A couple of my favorites:

And my spirit animal - the Pangolin:


Yes, I have seen these and they always make me laugh.


smirks Well have you guys watched THIS?!

And its animated counterpart?


These are the best! I think Ze Frank is releasing new ones again. Apparently he is no longer President or R&D Officer for Buzzfeed or whatever. Here are a few of my favorites:


I think if this guy had done the videos for high school biology I would have shown up much more frequently.

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I <3 ZeFrank, and have been a fan of his since TheShow days.

YES. ZeFrank is awesome. It’s always a treat to see what new animal thing he and his collaborators have come up with. Love the Morgan Freeman-esque voice and the antics of “Jerry.”

Another true fact about Morgan Freeman; he sang “Vincent the Vegetable Vampire” on The Electric Company (1971-1977)!

Ah, what some of your favorite actors did during their salad days…


@RRRob This is AMAZING!

ZeFrank also did the 'Dear Kitten’ videos for Buzzfeed and Purina cat food if any of y’all remember those.

Here’s some of them.
The original:

Regarding the Dog:

The Super Bowl:

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