Truncating Issue with BEYOND ATLANTIS closed captioning

@MichaelRobertson & @NotTVsFrank, while I have your attention…

There’s a major problem with closed captioning in BEYOND ATLANTIS. The longer captions are truncated mid-word, mid-sentence. It happens so many times, I can’t possibly fill out a Google Form for each one or I’ll spend the rest of my life filling out forms.

An example, one of many, happens as 17:03, when Eastside Eddie says he’s gonna go see Tillie Tinglefingers. It truncates the caption at “…Tin”, mid-word, no continuation.


I have moved this issue to its own bug report so we can get it on the team’s radar. If you are seeing this problem as well, please remember to vote at the top of the thread.

Thanks for bringing this up!


@MichaelRobertson I do see that there was an earlier bug report of this in May that has the status of SOLVED. I just wanted to let you know that I had seen that ticket and brought the issue up again because it’s NOT resolved.

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Just a note, the earlier bug report was listed as Solved because a caption correction submission form had been created to fix the issue. Perhaps no one submitted the corrections at the time.

Since it is still having the issue 2.5 months later, we’ll keep this new report open for further review. Thanks for letting us know!