Trustworthy child stars of MSTed movies

The reviews are in for the JNJ painting class and people seem to like the cut of her jib’n’such. It makes me wonder if there are any other child starts of MSTed movies out there that MST3K fans would trust to teach them things they know about.

Does anyone know if Cornjob has any hidden talents?


Wait. Cornjob was an adult. At least, the actor was.

I’m lost. MOTHERRRR!!!

Uh, Pia Zadora might be able to teach us something about winning awards, maybe?

Paul could teach us how to endanger ourselves, Trumpy’s friend could teach us how to betray our species, and Johnny could teach us how not to care.

On a serious note, that Ron Howard kid could probably teach us a few things about filmmaking.


“My mother doesn’t like you, Mitchell!”


I hear Arch Hall Jr. has a session on teaching you how to sing about every girl but your girlfriend without getting slapped/dumped/slapped then dumped.


“Roxie” herself didn’t seem all that into her own story. So she may have actually forgotten what her own name was supposed to be. :smiling_face:


Oscar Martin (Tommy, Pod People) could probably teach us something about poh-tay-toes.

Pretty much any of the kids from the Gamera movies done thus far (and maybe vs. Jiger too) have a lot of things they could teach us, since they pretty much run the world in those movies.

Though one of them you need to placate with a Coke first.

Well, if 18 years of pranks are to be trusted, Mac and Me grew up to be Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd GIF by NETFLIX

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