Trying to circulate the URL

Trying to circulate the URL.

My Dispatch from the cordkilling front on tonight’s CordKillers live stream was pointing out to them that the Gizmoplex had launched in 2022. They had previously said that no new streaming services had launched this year.

Sadly, only Tom Merritt seemed to care. (Odd considering how much Brian likes Penn??? Penn are you here? Kick his ass!!!)



Buy one of Tom’s books, PilotX is especially great, and let him know that you heard about his books from a fellow MSTIE.

And wish him a Happy Turkey Day.


Let’s bribe the wonks for likes. Gooooo team! :upside_down_face:

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Tom took the time to read my message and take it more seriously than the other two. I already bought his books? If it’s a dumb idea to point out that there’s a way to highlight that there are more than dozens of us here… sorry.

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Arrested Development Reaction GIF by MOODMAN


Yes (thank you for understanding the reference)


Tommy is in the bag already and sounds like and he didn’t go to bat for us. We gotta go through the other hosters. Brushwood is probably too busy roguing modernly and having a great night. Neshcom’s there for it all but he’s got boxes to pack and marbles to roll so maybe more busy than BB. Gotta take the diamond route through Jerbs then. The pol season is over. He might have some spare time to spare on a niche streaming service and then gush about it with his bestie Bri. Either that, or we send Bonnie some chocolates and schmooze her to put in a good invisible word to get you on the show. I don’t know if any of those other guys wrote any books we can buy.


Meh, I tried.

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