Trying to figure out an episode


I first started watching MST3K when I was in junior high or high school in the 90s on Comedy Central. The first episode I ever remember watching intently had a moment where the character in the movie (he looked like an emperor/dictator) was maniacally laughing and saying “You’re next! You’re next!” and the guys chimed in with “Next to the statue!” as someone was standing next to them and a statue.

I remember my dad and I were laughing so hard we could barely breathe. It was still some time before I really understood what was going on in the show, and even with all of the episodes I’ve watched now, I feel like I’ve never seen that joke since.

Does anyone know what episode I’m talking about? I can’t imagine something so specific would still be in my mind 25+ years later without it actually happening.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.

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Wow, that’s a tough one. I’ve seen most episodes multiple times but I’m drawing a blank on that. I haven’t seen much of the KTMA or Season 1 episodes, so maybe it’s one of those?

That is a tough one, could it have been from one of the shorts? I know that might be tough to remember.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a short. It seemed like one of the European dubbed films, but it was also 25 years ago. Who knows how my mind may have warped the quote.

Either way, if it is some strange fever dream memory, maybe they could use it in a future episode somewhere. It definitely made us laugh.

Thank you for the help.

Looking forward to the new episode in 30 minutes with my daughter. It’s nice to have some symmetry with the experience.

That sounds like it might be one of the Hercules movies.