Trying to Identify a Bizarre MST3K-Related YouTube Video

So I was just on YouTube and one of the “Suggested for You” videos featured a thumbnail image of the SOL set with pasted images of Crow on the right and on the left…Blue, from “Blue’s Clues?” I think Blue was wearing a lei and sunglasses, and kind of in a reclining position; it was the modern CGI version of the character, not the flat, 2D one from the '90s. The title was like some bizarre word salad that I think included the word “visual,” and it may have been in all-caps.

I’m sure whatever it was, that it was some sort of garbage, one of those random accounts that puts together videos made up of a bunch of random pop culture images and words/titles for clicks, but it was a uniquely weird-looking one. I was curious as to just what in the world it featured, and I accidentally clicked away before having the chance to watch it.

Has anyone seen this and/or does anyone know what it’s called? Or did I just have a very brief break with reality?

I’d look into it, but I’m a-scared!! :grimacing:

:notes: *“Oh, we’re a danger to ourselves, admit
It’s largely due to internet and all its bad suggestions all the tiiiime…” :notes:

Well, against my better judgment, I plopped in “crow sol blue’s clues” in YT’s search box to see if I could find this mysterious video.

So far, no dice.

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Lots of similar thumbnails on that channel.

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You found it, and my hypothesis is correct: this was, in fact, weird garbage. But on the plus side I had no idea this parody song existed in the first place (I must’ve missed that part of the telethon) so hey, silver (or gold?) lining!