Turkey Day 2022 available for replay?

I just caught the trailer for this year’s Turkey Day marathon and it looks great. Sadly I am a mstie abroad and have to work that day (curses!) so I’m wondering if the powers that be (@Lesley @ivan @timryder ) are planning to replay the marathon at any point? I think at least 1 past year it was available on YouTube…


I thought I remembered last year being too long for one YouTube replay video. So hopefully it will be up in two (or three) segments. Or up for streaming in the gizmoplex…

Edit: the end of the stream was cutoff. And that was for a much shorter marathon. So here’s hoping there will be a way to watch the whole thing later!!!


What would be cool—though I don’t know if it’s even possible—would be for the Turkey Day segments to form a sort of Gizmoplex “playlist” that then links into and out of the episodes that already live there. It would be a ton of moving pieces to coordinate, but at least it wouldn’t have to be one or two enormous files.


I’d be happy with like FIVE chunks in the ‘Plex. Three episode each. Let’s get on it!!! gets hammer and super glue


They should break up the marathon into ten parts, including host segments, on YouTube


I’m fairly confident there will be a way to watch the marathon from the beginning if and when you miss anything. (We’re starting at 4am Pacific - I think a good amount of people are going to miss the first part.)


And that’s why Imma go to bed a bit early to get prepared!

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Lucky you! Get good rest and keep the coffee/tea/energy drinks handy. It’s gonna be a LONG (but def worth it) day!!!

I’m driving from IL to GA through the night for a family gathering at my parents new place. So I won’t be able to watch except in small chunks basically across the next week.

I will be checking here, the FB page/Twitter throughout the day/weekend to make sure I “hopefully” don’t miss anything!


Ugh, 4 AM, really? I thought I had seen 6 AM bandied about. 9 AM even is too early for me, but just in that grey area where maybe I will gripe, but maybe lie in bed and watch on a device rather than actually getting up. Looks like I stand a good chance of missing a lot of content :-/

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I’m hoping that means there is a VERY high chance for replay-ability. I doubt a majority of the MSTies will last the whole marathon, but that’s just me!

Yeah, it’s super early. Because it’s taking the term “marathon” very literally this year. 10 movies in total, plus a short. It’s going to go ALL. DAY. LONG.

(And there will be ways of catching the stuff you missed.)


New short?

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If only someone would create a website where you could watch any MST3k content you like whenever you like :thinking:


I imagine that it will be so. Shout Factory still has videos up with all the host segments for the past Turkey Days. So I think da Gizmoplex would be able to do the same. You can insert the movies on your own if you want.

The entire marathon will be available on demand through the entire Thanksgiving Weekend and until the end of Cyber Monday!


Full schedule of the marathon is out! Are you ready for a surgically enhanced Mitchell?

7 am ET / 4 am PT The Sword and the Dragon

9 am ET / 6 am PT The Starfighters

11 am ET /8 am PT Catalina Caper (FAN SELECTED EPISODE)

1 pm ET / 10 am PT Horror of Party Beach (FAN SELECTED EPISODE)

3 pm ET / 12 pm PT Santo in the Treasure of Dracula (Season 13: The Gizmoplex)

5 pm ET/ 2 pm PT Beyond Atlantis (Season 13: The Gizmoplex)

7 pm ET / 4 pm PT Warrior of the Lost World (FAN SELECTED EPISODE)

9 pm ET / 6 pm PT City Limits

11 pm ET / 8 pm PT Parts: The Clonus Horror (FAN SELECTED EPISODE)

1 am ET / 10 pm PT Mitchell

3 am ET / 12 am PT Sleep for Health (S13 short)


Nope. It’s the short we saw: Sleep for Health.


Any chance that might be made longer?

Non American, working Thursday, Friday and Monday. It’s a regular week-end so full day activities for the kid. Hopefully have a couple hours on Sunday, but quite doubtful to watch all in that time frame.

And to beat any comments, no I can’t take the day off work. I am training new hires that whole week.


Ah, ok. Thanks!

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[laughs forever]