TURKEY DAY TOURNAMENT 2021: Battle 3! Daddy-O vs Warrior of the Lost World

After a heated competition, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die beat out Parts: The Clonus Horror to advance to the next round. Parts, we hardly knew ye.

In battle 3 of our Turkey Day Tournament, Daddy-O’s brooding recklessly-driving hero faces off against Warrior of the Lost World’s brooding recklessly-driving hero. Voting is open now!


Oh, no!

Trying to make up my mind on this one might break me. :sweat:


Seeing as how we had Warrior of the Lost World (terrific episode by the way) in the 2017 and 2018 Turkey Day Marathons and Daddy-O only in the 1991 Turkey Day Marathon, I gotta pick Daddy-O.

Besides, Daddy-O is an amazing episode in its own right. The combo of the “Rock Candy Baby” riffing and the “Hike Your Pants Up” song is among the best 5-minute chunks that MST3K ever did.


Pht … this shouldn’t even be close. Daddy-O has its charm and a funny musical riff but come on. Warrior of the Lost World has Geeks, Ninjas, Truckers, Amazons, Nazis, Jimmy Carter, Donald Pleasance and … most importantly … Megaweapon. This better be an absolute blowout or there is no justice. No Justice, I say! :wink:


That would be an interesting Turkey Day Marathon one day. Marathon Premieres*, experiments which are popular but which have never been on a Turkey Day ever.

*Alt Joke: Jim Henson’s Marathon Babies


Oh this one is easy, so, so easy.

Daddy-O by a landslide.

The Tale O’ the Tape?

  • Previous Turkey Day appearances? Daddy-O hasn’t been seen since 1991, Warrior was included in 2017 and 2018

  • Lost World ranked #27th, Daddy-O 54th in the Top 100 poll (so far we’ve gone with that poll once, and against it once)

  • Unriffed movie? For me, again, Daddy-O, I don’t enjoy watching Warrior (the actual movie, not the MST ep). IMDB rated Daddy and Warrior 2.6, while Letterboxd was 1.9 for Daddy - 2.0 for Warrior, so it’s pretty much dead even from those resources.

  • Daddy had the “Hike Up Your Pants Song” and a hexfield visit from Bruce , while Warrior has Megaweapon and Joel’s experiment, Bittersweet Hearts.


I’m firmly in the New Order camp here and have to go with Warrior. The riffs are beautiful and the cast is a panoply of “we used to be in good films” actors. And the director actually has warm feelings for MST3K and us fans. This is one of the episodes I can always watch again.

Another good use for baking soda!


Mega Weapon… Mega Weapon! MEGA WEAPON!!


This is, surprisingly, my toughest vote yet. The tiebreaker for my pick is the host segments: “Hike Your Pants Up” is hysterical, especially when they cut to Frank signing along (“hike hike hike… with the… thing… um…”)

No matter which one wins, I completely understand. Both are outstanding episodes.


I know you will all find it in your hearts to pick the right movie here folks. And I don’t want to influence you in any way, but times have been tough for me what with the gas prices where they are now and winning this poll would be a big lift for your old pal. So vote your conscience, but remember, MegaWeapon will always be there for you.


And the Oscar for most heartfelt plea from an unbiased observer goes to @MegaWeapon :clap:


I voted WotLW.
Any fruit to declare??


But Daddy-O has the first score by a young Johnny Williams, who went on to score such memorable filmed classics as “Bachelor Flat”, “Ghostbreakers”, “SpaceCamp” and of course “The Paper Chase” which would star that guy who went on to star in Warriors of the Lost World!


Pfft, Warrior by a mile I hope. If you don’t have any fruit to declare, what are you even doing here?


Daddy-O is a hilarious episode, both in the goofiness of the movie and the riffing. Warrior of the Lost World is a boring slog of a movie that is only redeemed somewhat by the riffing.

Daddy-O is a far funnier episode.


I have a feeling it going to be Warrior, but I’m rooting for Daddy-O for the following reasons:

A) The movie is a cheesy mess, perfect for Riffing and Thanksgiving

B) It hasn’t been featured in 30 years. I say it’s waited for a second round for long enough


C) The host segments are golden, and “Hike up your pants” seems a perfect theme for the holiday, especially after you’ve just scarfed down half a pound of mashed potatoes and stuffing and are struggling to get up from the couch


There are some good arguments for Daddy-O, but Megaweapon outweighs all other concerns. :slight_smile:




Whatever is the opposite of Sophie’s choice, this is it for me.

Warrior Of The Lost World with its mush-mouthed hero, fruit declarations and Megaweapon - yes, please.

Daddy-O with Dick Contino, goofy, musical numbers and pants-hiking - yes, please.

Either way, I’m happy, but I’m going with Daddy-O as it’s the first episode that I really recall seeing when it originally aired and that was when I really fell in love with the show.