Turkey Day Website

Am I the only one that cannot access the Turkey Day website?
https://mst3kturkeyday.com doesn’t even load, produce an error (I was expecting a 404, but I get nothing).
I need to know how to watch, as I’m on vacation out of state and I don’t know if the hotel TV has any streaming services (4 days in and we haven’t turned it on yet-- good for us!)

Just trying to plan ahead.


I think it’s still a WIP.

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A small group of folks are having problems with the redirect – we’ve asked Shout Factory to look into it. In the meantime you can see it here: MST3K Turkey Day Marathon 2021 :: Shout! Factory TV | Live Events


Maybe the website’s volume is too low.



Also though, if you ARE unable to load the site, please drop a comment here and let us know so we can get a sense of how widespread this problem is!


Thought it was just me and wasn’t going to worry till like Wednesday, but I also cannot access: https://mst3kturkeyday.com

Thanks for the quick reply! Looks like I have a number of choices. Here’s hoping that the TV in our room has YouTube, Amazon, etc. I probably should turn it on at some point to test, seeing as I’ll need to wake up at 4am local time to catch all the episodes. :wink:

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A lot of newer TVs have Chromecast built in, so I would definitely check for that. Assuming the TD video stream allows Chromecast that is.

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Or maybe you’re in an area where turning down lights is applicable.


It just redirected to the Shout Factory page for me:

In case it matters for troubleshooting purposes, the link does not work for me either. (Mac OS 12.0.1, Safari 15.1)


Cannot access it. I’m using Firefox and a buncha ad blockers

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Doesn’t work for me. Mac using Chrome.

Edit: Didn’t work on my iPhone either. Also, I apparently can’t post from the forums on my iPhone which makes me :angry:.

Domain times out when askin’ for it here.

Both of the IPs listed in the A record respond to ping . HTTP requests near-immediately result in a ** Bad Request ** message being displayed. HTTPS requests time out just like when asking for the domain.


Doesn’t work for me (timeout error) in three different browsers, with and without adblock software. Chrome 96.0.4664.45 64 bit, Firefox 94.0.2 64 bit, and Microsoft Edge 96.0.1054.29 64 bit.

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Unfortunately, I can’t load it either.

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Thanks @Lesley

Add me to the list…


Isn’t loading for me at the moment either?

(Using iOS 14.8.1 Safari currently)

May the Force be with the boffins working on fixing it.

Mine ain’t working on my Chrome, either.

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I tried on Chrome and Edge and didn’t reach it.

Update to the previous update: See @FastidiousRobot 's comment below. Typing the URL in works on multiple browsers. Clicking on the link es no bueno.

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