Turkey Day Website

It loads for me if I type in the address, but not if I click the link in this thread.

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Can someone else please test these and post your results? The non-secure one (#2) works for me.




#2 works, #1 not


1: Nope

2: Yup

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So it was https in the library with the candlestick what done it.



I have not been able to access it either. I’m using Chrome if that makes a difference?


I…cannot. Lemme try some other browsers, though…Nope aaaand nope.

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I can’t load with https: https://mst3kturkeyday.com/

But I can load with http: http://mst3kturkeyday.com/

The forum actually translates the http address into MST3K Turkey Day Marathon 2021 :: Shout! Factory TV | Live Events if you put it on its own line. It did so in @MichaelRobertson’s post above.


Clicking on the first link tries to get to mst3kturkeyday.com but then it appears to try to route me back to the e-mail service that I get these forum announcements on. Since I get to the forums from the link in my e-mail, perhaps it’s throwing a monkey-wrench into the process.
But if I just type in the URL it loads just fine.

  1. no
  2. yes
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Same for me, https times out, http or just the address itself does the redirect.


It’s a shame I didn’t bring the Chromecast on our trip (What was I thinking by not thinking of it??).
We’d always bring it with us when we visited the 'rents. But over the years, we’ve bought all of them (Mom/Step Dad, Dad/Step Mom, In-laws) new 4k TVs, so we don’t much need it anymore

Accept when you go on holiday in Hawaii. Yeah, so there’s that. It’s sitting in a wicker basket filled with old other old tech. Lame.




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How are you going to watch Turkey Day? I’ve got a Roku that has the MST3K channel 336. Is that my best bet? Does any platform have extra content or all they all the same? I’m excited to see the look of the new segments!

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If I have the opportunity, I’ll probably go with YouTube. It’s straightforward to watch on my laptop or on the Roku.

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The site’s not working for me…HOWEVER…you will be able to view it at their official Youtube page. As a matter of fact…last year’s marathon is still up :+1:


the https didnt work but the http did work.

That’s a LOT of options! I’m going to try TWITCH this year since moderators are probably better there, and the chat just goes too fast on youtube.

Here’s the full list of options for anyone who is having trouble accessing the redirect link…

Watch The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire via the Shout! Factory TV app. Download the app and navigate to the MST3K 24/7 channel to begin watching. You can also watch on Twitch , STIRR (CH #149), Redbox , Vizio , THETA.tv , LocalNow , Plex , TCL TVs , Xumo , The Roku Channel (CH #336) , Pluto TV (CH# 488) , and YouTube .


Can’t load it either. I think this may not be “a small group of folks”.

I usually have used Youtube in the past though.

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