Turn Your Movie Upside Down

Stirred by two crackerjack threads Make A Movie End Faster… and Kill the Movie, I’m compelled to throw out a third. Rather than making the film end faster or end before it begins, switch or invert the movie at a central point that totally changes the direction of the movie. Upend any flick and transform it to something else. From positive to negative or negative to positive, whatever speaks to you.

The Wizard of Oz (1939):

Dorothy’s house crashes nearly hitting the Wicked Witch of the East. Poor Dorothy is tasked in dealing with both Witches as she journeys to see The Wizard of Oz. Two cackling villains appear throughout the movie. Dorothy needs a LOT OF WATER!

Memento except he can’t FORGET anything :grin:


Brilliant. His memory throttles him instead of leaving him.

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On their road trip, Thelma & Louise find a flying car abandoned by James Bond, which means they make a clean getaway after driving off the cliff and live happily ever after in Mexico.


Henry Frankenstein asks his assistant Fritz to steal a brain from a nearby university. Fritz gravitates to the criminal brain then drops it. Opting on the perfect specimen, Fritz lugs the brain back to Frankenstein. A totally new movie awaits!

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Can you imagine how Fellowship would have gone if Frodo had relented and decided to give Boromir the Ring? He would have returned home to Gondor, his father would have been so proud of him, things would have seemed to turn around for Men for a short bit…but then they would find themselves completely at the mercy of Sauron as he used Boromir as his puppet and his evil seeped throughout the kingdom.

If Galadriel had accepted Frodo’s offer of the ring, she would’ve all but leveled Middle Earth, I think