Ultimate Collection Code

Has anyone gotten their code yet?

If the past two days have been any indication, it won’t be until later in the afternoon

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Check your inboxes.


Yeah, it’s in my collection!


This is the one that I wish that I had caught. (ok yes I already put over 1200 into the KS, but… what would an extra 120 be at that point??); somehow missed that this has 130 eps.

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Still available at more than 50% off, if you really want it. Email us at kickstarter@mst3k.com and let us know. We’ll do what we can to help.


If you sort it by length, the The Sidehackers episode is the longest/shortest and the The Corpse Vanishes is the shortest/longest episode.

Ivan, thank you. I saw that and thought (still am) on it! (at least, I saw the Late Pledge option at 500) Just… it’s hard for me to not smack myself now thinking about how missing on about an add’l 150 would cost, even with that disc, 500… Sigh. At one pont I’d even jumped up a level, but think when I went back over it and dropped to the 400 I just zoned out? Was probably focusing on the classes and the snow globe! :wink:

I sent a note along, will see what I hear back. If I missed out, I shall sigh, but there’s a lot for me to come in the KS; the eps I do get, the season, cool shelf bits, etc (first jumped in for the Gizmoplex and classes, too)

Ah ha! got a reply and the missing piece of the puzzle (my ‘final answer’ was wanting to keep the classes and a couple of other bits and stay under a $$, the UC pledge was the ‘classics’ pledge), so now thinking to do!

130 eps… oooooo

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Keep us in the loop during your marathon.

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I’m gonna buy 130 computers and watch them all at once.


This is truly Clayton Forrester’s dark vision.


Oh you bet.
I felt bad that someone replied on XMas Eve (I had thought that I wouldn’t hear anything til later this week) so not going to get in touch about the lot til Tues or so; gives me time then to order the computers, do an invention exchange or 3, get those pizza he will ask for, swap out for evil gnip gnop eyes, put the Baseheart magazine clippings back up where the tree is.

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