Unable to join live chat

For some reason this is the third live show in a row I can’t join the live chat. My name comes up, it says join the chat, and I can type a comment, but when I hit enter nothing happens. Is anyone else having this issue?

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This is really frustrating. I always love the chat and asking questions for the after show and this is three shows now that I haven’t been able to do either. Any help would be appreciated.

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I obviously don’t know how to fix it, but in case you haven’t thought of it, try a different internet browser. Or even a different device if you can.

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I’ve been trying, Only thing I got to work is by opening a new window and using the Arena. That has let me post but its in a separate window. Will get me through tonight, but I need to figure out why this just started within the last few weeks. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Sadly, Arena is not the most user friendly. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s meant more for devices than computers, as I can never get it to work. I do know it does not like ublockorigin, and I think it freaks over my VPN as well. (neither of which I’m willing to turn off).

The problem is, this is a piece of third-party software, so there isn’t much Ivan and his team can do to help. You might try looking for a help center for Arena and talk to them directly. Sorry, I don’t have a better answer for you.

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Arena at least got me through tonight, but it was awkward. I still couldn’t enter any questions for the after show but I didn’t want to mess up what I did get to work. I loved the show and the chat, its just that I love chatting up a storm with everyone. Hopefully I can get it worked out for next stream.

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You can also try the live stream thread here in the forum. It’s as active (if not more) as the chatroom. It’s a different solution, but you would still get the experience of watching with fans.


Whenever I have a problem with the Arena chat in Chrome, I’ve switched over to Firefox. It’s not perfect, but I was able to watch each so with the chat, and that was my goal.


I do have Firefox too so I may try that next time. Its strange that I have had zero issues with the streams and chats up until about a month ago and now I have not been able to chat for the last three or four. I’ll figure it out. Thanks for the input.

I’m having the same problem. Dedicated Chrome user here and haven’t been able to join the last few live chats. Clicking the login button didn’t give me a chance to login. It just did nothing.

I’m having this problem for the first time tonight during “The Bubble”. I’ve tried Firefox and Edge and can’t sent chat messages with either. Tried logging out and back in and clearing cookies but no luck. It looks like, in the chat window, I’m logged out as my profile pic isn’t showing up and I get a “log in” selection in the chat menu but that choice doesn’t do anything when I click on it. The main window shows me as logged in. I have no answers.

Same…made a post earlier today. Chrome, Firefox and phone. Did I get blocked or something?

Had to go Edge (YUCK!) to get into chat!