Unexpected MST3K veterans

I just got done watching Shock Corridor and found it to be very riffable, especially since it would have needed 15-20 minutes cut. It’s a poor attempt at an inside look at insane asylums. It had nothing to offer and took it very seriously. What I didn’t expect was Peter Breck of The Beatniks fame in the lead role. Toward the end he was in full-on Moon mode, screaming at the top of his lungs.

Bonus! It also had James Best of Killer Shrews in a patient role. He thought he was a Confederate officer, so basically type-casting.

So, what are your experiences of being pleasantly surprised to see MST3K veterans in random movies? Regardless of how bad it is? Join us, won’t we?


I get lots of Vintage TV sub-channels and definitely seen lots of familiar faces in those.

And yep, I’ve definitely exclaimed “Hey! That’s (MST’d movie character)!” and make incessant callbacks whenever they’re onscreen. :smiley:


Speaking of old TV, a couple years ago I was going through the classic Twilight Zone and lo and behold there was Asa Maynor, the ‘girl in the bathtub’ from The Girl in Lovers Lane. That was a trip, trying to remember where I’d seen her before.