Update: Double Dipping Clarification--and Suggestion

Hey folks,
So, I read the new update–and I wanted to say that in at least my case, I double dip in buying the Season 13 episodes–on purpose. Yes, I have the 12 month pass–BUT I would like to have the security of knowing I have those episodes forever. (I guess I signed up for the wrong tier during the campaign, which is NOT your fault–entirely on me! :slight_smile: I am happy to have funded the Gizmoplex however, even if owning it forever by buying individual episodes is extra money.
However, that leads me to my suggestion for the next season (and beyond) :slight_smile: In the Guzmoplex, you should include an option to buy the livestream version of an episode IF you have already purchased said episode (much like Kindle does with audiobooks if you already own the book) That way, if future fans enjoyed the experiment, they can pay a reduced price for the version with the Q&A and such. :slight_smile:
Anyway, just wanted to clarify that there is at least one fan who is buying the episodes after having a member pass–and doing it on purpose. :slight_smile:

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