Update for 3/12: Episode 1301 now in the Event Pass! Plus: HELP US TROUBLESHOOT!

We’re a week into our “soft launch”, and we’ve got new updates fresh off the griddle!

This week:

  • The Evolution of Backer Updates
  • Update on Redeeming Gizmoplex Passes
  • Invites to the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater
  • Now available: Episode 1301, the rough cut!
  • Help us troubleshoot audio issues!

And don’t forget to mark your calendar for our NEXT livestream – and our first GIZMOPLEX SPECIAL EVENT – next Friday, March 18th, at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.

Come for a brand new short riff! Stay for MST3K’s tribute to Manos, and a live post-show discussion with a special guest. The Master will approve!


Ivan, I don’t think the update showed up.


Try now. There was a very brief lag. :wink:


Looks like it’s all good now, and as always, thanks for the update!


MMMMmmmmmm… soft launch.

Did Mike Lindell import the launch from the Giza region of Egypt? It is considered to be the softest launch in the world, won’t you?


wait we’re getting soft pretzels now too?
So much to digest in this one.


Oh you said soft launch and not soft lunch. I thought we were gonna get some food!


RE: Audio issues…
A simple solution: Could it be simply because some people’s audio setup either isn’t correct, or isn’t good? Decent Speakers make all the difference sometimes. and in others, audio settings like HTOmega’s software can sometimes muck up your sound. if you don’t have these issues, and alot of others DO, I’m thinking maybe folks audio isn’t set up on their tv or pc properly.

the next question I’d ask, is for people who HAVE had issues. are you watching on a PC, or TV?


Thank you for the update! Lots of things are going in motion now. Exciting times for sure!


The issue is not speakers. I watched the replay on a top line home theater setup (B&W speakers, Macintosh components) and still had issues with the movie audio sounding muddy.


Thanks for the update @ivan and @Lesley! Still a bit numb that we’ve actually premiered the first episode, how cool is that! Even with the technical hiccups it was exciting to see a new episode.

Nice to meet Greg. What’s your contest-winning secret?


The failure to include any mention of :white_circle: will only increase its power.


Just wanted to let you all know that I skimmed though the Standalone cut of 1301 and filled out the survey! Everything looked and sounded good on my end (Firefox web browser).


Thanks for doing this and giving us the opportunity to respond on the new cut. I sent in my survey this afternoon.

However, I did note that although we were asked to concentrate on the audio AND captions, the survey did not really ask anything about the captioning. With my hearing loss, I essentially concentrated on that factor and thought I’d throw out a couple of observations.

First off, I know several people have offered a variety of suggestions for captioning, such as alternating options for what types of captions to use, as well as ways to differentiate between who is talking. After seeing various attempts like this in other media (including the rare captioned versions of the old show that popped up thanks to a group on YouTube that included colored captions to show who was talking), I think the best format is the one used here. It’s straight-to-the-point, you do list character names for the riffs, and isn’t overly complicated (nor most probably time-consuming to create, I suspect).

It’s certainly an improvement on some I’ve seen from Amazon that regulated Crow and Servo to “Robot 1” or “First Figure” when naming characters in the theater who are talking.

Captions appeared to be right on the money throughout the film from what I could tell with what hearing I do have. I did notice a couple of spots where riffs were missed (a mention of Judy Jetson when the time machine was being activated, and the whole “Mein Leibe/My Love” bit lost a bit of the joke when the German part was listed as “foreign language” instead of stating what the character was mumbling), but this was much more accurate still than even in the case of Netflix.

Interesting that the villain (well, the other villain besides Dracula) was named “Hooded Fez.” I’m reminded of a few cases in the past where captioning done on programs went the extra mile for those reading them by giving us additional gags that wouldn’t be seen otherwise unless you watched the captions. If you decide to do that in future captions, that would be a nice treat. Nothing crazy, like the entire captioning being wrong, but an additional gag like “Hooded Fez” may draw people to check out the captions more often.

Oh, and once I did see the caption stating that a word wasn’t understood that was said by either Tom or Crow. I used to see that type of captioning on Amazon or Netflix when viewing an older episode, but I would think a new episode where a script or a call to the actor mumbling a line while playing a robot in the theater could avoid having to “guesstimate” such a caption, but that’s just a thought.

More than anything else, I appreciate the work put into this for those of us who use them and love the work so far. Good luck in the future there!


I’d also add that when Jonah or a Bot said a line in the voice of a person or character, the text of the riff was displayed, but not who they were imitating in parenthesis.

I only found a few times where a riff dropped a word when the riff was spoken, and the CC made the joke sound slightly different. It’s a minor thing, but there was one occasion where the dropped word made the joke sound better (at least to me).


Excellent points. With my lack of hearing I may have missed out on some of the paraphrasing there.

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I read how the audio was working fine for most in the e-mail and it occurred to me what a headache lining the audio tracks must be

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As a random aside; theres some minor video distortion of the Boggy Creek episode from 38 min to 40. Dont judge me for paying that close attention to Boggy Creek, lol


baby sasquatch would approve


brand new short and post-discussion with manos? niceeeeeeeeee. i feel very spoiled with all the level of extra stuff we’re getting, thanks for going the extra mile!