UPDATED: Roku App Issues

Anyone else unable to rewind when using the Roku App when watching Santo? I could only rewind in 10 second increments. None of the other controls worked.

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I also can’t rewind or FF on my Roku.


We have this problem using the new MST3K app on a TCL/Roku TV – can’t use the Forward/Reverse controls. Interestingly, the Pause control works fine.

Per Joel’s request in the 3/12 Backer Newsletter, we wanted to re-watch a few minutes of the standalone version of Santos and then fast-forward to the end to get the URL provided there for troubleshooting feedback. That’s when we discovered that the Forward/Reverse controls on Roku do absolutely nothing. (And we aren’t going to watch Santos again in it’s full entirety just to get that URL to contribute troubleshooting feedback.)


I’ve got a stand alone Roku Ultra and I wasn’t able to fast forward either. It seems like it’s fast forwarding, but the video is actually paused and when you stop trying to fast forward it plays from exactly where it was.

Anyone with a Roku stick using the app to watch…any ongoing issues? I use a Roku stick myself and the last time 'round, everything looked to be working fine and I can fast-forward & rewind without problems.

If you’re having a Roku issue, let us know and put a vote at the top to draw it to the tech team’s attention. Thanks much!