Updates for 2024

It’s been talked to death that the future of the show is uncertain right now, but I can’t help but feel like that becomes a cycle as we get no information from Gizmonic Arts.

Obviously Lesley has moved on as have others, so there’s probably no one helming the communication department right now, but I do hope someone says something soon.

Joel’s letter in November gave a kind of recap to where things were probably heading in 2024, but the silence, at least for me, feels deafening.

Even if it’s just an announcement to say “for the foreseeable future, it looks like we’ve comes to what will be a dormant period and end of the road for creating new episodes with this cast and crew. This may take months, or years, but for now we may focus on upscaling classic episodes or merchandising, etc.”

Or, they could make a statement that’s says “we obviously can’t promise or share details, but as mentioned at the end of the campaign, we have started speaking with potential partners and have nothing to report (or have some interest so far) as of this time.”

It feels like the longer there’s nothing but silence, the more interest may fade in the public’s eye.

I personally wish they could do a “town hall” like they did after season 12. Really get down into the feedback and see what the pulse is. There was plenty of stuff posted on the boards during the campaign for season 14, but I still think there’s insights to be had.

And if this is the end of all things, that’s ok too.

It would just be nice to get that sense of closure to hear it in a more formal sense, cause for now it just feels like the bandaid is being slowly torn off.

Just my opinion though.


It hasn’t even been two months since the s14 campaign ended (which also contained the holiday season). I’d give them a bit more time than that before tying any significance to the “silence.”

It may seem like forever for us, but these things take time. And if it involves 3rd parties who aren’t beholden to us or MST3K for a rapid response to future plans, then we have to wait.



The saddest thing for me is that cast jibed so well as this last season went on, and we probably won’t ever have that particular recipe again. :cake: :cloud_with_rain: Also, that people are out of work after a strike. That blows, too.

On the other hand, it’s a :notes: concept :notes: that’s repeatedly attracted top-notch talent. Some prominent and some not. So when we get a new season I have faith that whoever shows up will also acquit themselves well. We just have to have patience.


We don’t know the chances that the cast will remain the same. Or if we’ll gain/lose anyone. Shows have gone on a longer hiatus than this and still maintained their cast. And if they keep the cast in the loop with what they’re working on, they might be able to plan their careers to stay available–if they choose to do so.


I hear ya- think I’m also including the kind of low key communication we were hearing during the campaign as well.

Overall not expecting media blitzes or anything, but just something to give a sense to either temper expectations, or keep hope alive, haha.


That what Joel’s message after the campaign was for.

We had like 6 months of silence after s13 ended before they announced s14. Two months is nothing, especially since there likely nothing new to report other than “our plans haven’t changed.”


Work teaching has taught me that news doesn’t come when I want it. News more often comes on the Thursday before the next semester’s classes begins. News about another season of MST3K will arrive when it is ready.

Zombies of the Stratosphere, King of the Rocketmen, and Commando Cody are all on Tubi. Quite a few of the Republic Pictures serials are on Tubi. Why not check those out while we all wait?


Maybe we’re talking about two different things and that’s ok. Want to be respectful of what you’re saying, but also hope you can respect what I’m saying.

Totally hear and want to validate where you’re coming from. If Joel’s message does everything you’re looking for right now, then that’s great. I sincerely mean that.

As for me, that message served it’s purpose to recap the failed campaign. It doesn’t really address a lot of other elements.

Doesn’t address that staff of Alternaversal is apparently gone, we learned that from a message here from one of the writers. Doesn’t alert us to the apparent forever marathon that’s now running on YouTube, etc.

My interest in some form of an update isn’t inappropriate (I’m not saying you’re suggesting it is BTW). I’m not saying we’re owed anything at this point, but a formal “state of the state” might go very far right now.

Maybe that’s me, and to your point, perhaps there is no news to share.


I will say that even in the best of times, updates from Joel are sporadic and irregular. I do wish someone else would offer up some regular updates, even if it’s just “nothing to report”.

Also, Leslie’s gone? When did this happen? Does that mean there are no mods?

In that case…



This is pretty much exactly what I’m saying. :slight_smile:

Yes, unfortunately, per the response here, looks like they’re moving on.

Which would explain why we never heard from Lesley nor Ivan during campaign.


Ah, so you’re talking about a general state of things, not about future specific plans for s14 2.0.

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Still waiting for an official notice.

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That’s correct.

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I can’t cope with this pants-free lifestyle when the coffee’s not even done yet. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Oh, and it looks like Shout now has a “competing” show stream on Le Tube, too.


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