uploading pictures unworking

This is what it looks like when you give up on waiting for your image to upload and come back later to edit the draft:

[Processing: filename...]()

Been that way a couple of days.

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What browser are you using? (this is Chrome version 96.0.4664.45)

Test image:

baba yaga

Hmmm… no idea there, @TheBindingPolymer. I’m using Firefox on Windows, and I was able to post this image just fine.

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I’m able to upload an image file and also copy/paste an image. Have you tried restarting your browser or computer?

Hold on. Lemme check…

Working pretty fine to me.

I’m experiencing the same thing, started sometime yesterday. Chrome here as well, on Windows. The web console is riddled with errors and warnings, my guess is another pushed update to Discourse that has broken something.

I did the rebooting and restarting jazz but that didn’t fix it. I changed browsers and was able to upload a picture just now. I want to keep using my original browser instead. :frowning:

You could also try emptying your cache. If it’s a case of a buggy script stuck in your cache, emptying cache will may do the trick.