Uranium Prospecting: A Fan-Made MST3K-Style Riffing!

A short film, produced in the 1950’s about how amateurs can hunt for Uranium, by a company that makes radiation detecting equipment. So, it can’t be biased at all, right?!

Comedic MST3K-style riffing provided by Mitchell S. Lampert and his friend Jonathan Nelson (No relation to Mike Nelson).


A censor bar on a uranium movie? What are they keeping from us?!


I added that to block out the time code and watermarks on the copy I got it from, which I felt were too distracting.

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I had to take it off of YouTube due to a copyright strike. We’ll see how long it lasts on Vimeo.

P.R.I. don’t mess around.

Yeah, it’s been removed from Vimeo, too. Stand by for a new location…

Where did you get the video?

From another YouTube channel. Apparently, they actually might own the rights to it, and didn’t just randomly shove it up there, like some folks do with old videos.

I am experimenting with other locations, but I won’t post the link until it seems reasonably cleared.