USA Up All Night

Did anyone else watch USA Up All Night? It was kind of a cousin to MST3K. 6 overnight hours of comedy sketches, low-budget movies with host comments. I’ve never seen it released on DVD/Blu-Ray.


I used to watch this all the time when I was a teenager. It was through this show that I became a big fan of Troma flicks and b-movies. Gilbert Gottfried wasn’t bad on the show, I though he was funny, but I LOVED Rhonda Shear.

I don’t think the shows were ever officially released, but you can find clips here and there


Night Flight has a streaming service you can subscribe to. I think it has some of the material they used to show and some contemporary stuff with a similar vibe. I loved Night Flight.


when i would go to my dads house when i was a preteen he had cable. i would stay up late and watch “up all nite” because the movies had scantly clad women and the host was also scantly clad.


Mst3k actually referenced it in Pumaman.


The lovely Rhonda Shear. As a typical horny teenager, it was always nice seeing her on the TV screen :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes, I remember watching this with my dad on USA in the early '80s… pretty sure it was part of “Up All Night?” If not, then I guess it was just part of the standard USA lineup.
Anyway, it’s a beautiful memory for me.


Oh yeah. I was the perfect age for this and Night Flight (just old enough to drink “adult” beverages, but young enough to be fully entertained and titillated by the content).

But my favorite USA Network show was Commander USA’s Groovie Movies. Always watched with that Saturday morning residual buzz from the adult beverages. To quote the great Commander himself (RIP):

“Until next time, keep your nose in the wind, and your tail to yourself.”


Some, yeah, although honestly I don’t remember much now besides Gilbert Gottfried’s voice.


Night Flight > USA Up All Night

USA Up All Night never showed a Webb Wilder short movie.

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I never watched much Night Flight because it seemed too dark and grown up to me at that age, but I do have to plug 100% Weird on TNT, which was my double bill with USA Up All Night. No hands-on hosting, but it exposed me to a lot of good stuff. Also, I would frequently tune into Showtime Beyond in the early days because I knew it would show me garbage like Joe Estevez in Dark Universe.

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I also remember a show that aired on the USA Network called Reel Wild Cinema. I believe it was affiliated with Something Weird Video. They didn’t show full movies, but I remember them showing clips from old school exploitation flicks. Not a bad show even though it only lasted one season

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Not too often (Rhonda was easy on the eyes but never was a Gilbert Gottfried fan) but I remember seeing it mentioned very often on the old IMDB boards. Mostly because whenever I would go to a board for some obscure, cult or low budget film on IMDB in the 2000s, there was this one guy who would create multiple threads all with the title ‘Do you love this movie? Then sign my petition to bring back ‘USA Up All Night’ and get it back on TV!’ It was usually followed by replies making fun of him like…

‘Do you not have any plans or friends on the weekend?’
‘Someone tell this guy that 1998 ended a few years ago.’
‘Are you Gilbert Gottfried’s agent or something?’
‘Does Jeff Conway need more royalities?’
‘The Great Bikini Off-Road Trip never even aired on USA!’
‘Are you bored with watching ‘Problem Child’ every week?’

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I absolutely remember USA Up All Night, in fact I think of it surprisingly often for something that’s been off the air for so long. It wasn’t so much a show as a thread of hosts and bumpers connecting the overnight programming. I remember the flavor of it now, not so much the details. I can’t recall a specific movie I saw on it, but it was a comfortable place to be. Bikini girls (“sorry the information is so scanty, sir”), bawdy jokes, cheesy movies … it was pretty great.

Oh, USA Up All Night was amazing. Very cool way to discover some neat films. And I was always down for the ride, whether it was with Rhonda Shear or Gilbert Gottfried at the helm.

I tuned in while I was in my high school years, and it was wild that we had three great movie programs running new episodes at the same time (within the same span of years, I mean, not the same exact timeslot): MST3K during its Sci-Fi era run, TNT’s MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs, and USA Up All Night. What a spectacular time…

There was also Dinner and a Movie over on TBS around that time, and although I enjoyed it, I will say that I wasn’t quite as crazy for that as I was for the other three.


With Sandra Bernhard! Yeah, that was pretty sharp, too!

Sure did :smiley:




I remember when Night Flight showed hard rock videos late at night (1am). The TV Guide used to list what bands they were playing in that hour. I stayed up until nearly 2am to see a band called WASP. Been of fan of them ever since.


I noticed a few days ago that SWV has the whole series posted on Youtube.


I didn’t have cable, so for me it was Friday Night Videos, followed by Night Flight. I’d always end up falling asleep mid-way through Night Flight, though. Friday Night videos introduced me to The Cure and I will always love it for that.

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Those were the days; when you could just sit on your couch. Now we have to “race” for The Cure. And back then, nobody cared what color your socks were. Simpler times.