Vacuum forming and bot building

I built a vacuumforming box last week, and have been working on getting some clean pulls from a few different bot parts .

I’ve never used a vacuumforming box before, so I’m learning a lot and having too much fun with it. You’ll literally start looking around the house for items to use as a buck , lol. I was having some issues with webbing on the long side of my pulls, but I think I’ve got it figured out

Anyways , here are a few of my first pulls. Still working out some issues with the dimensions of my box and the size of the buck , but I think I’ll get it…Once I get some more styrene that is…. It is alittle expensive !!!


Could you make the buck taller to account for possible webbing and just cut away the extra?


Thanks for that call out! Yea, I actually elevated them both with some balsa wood (1/2 inch) , and still had some issues. I think I have too much material for the size of the buck tbh. The former box is maybe a little too wide for a single object. I’m going to try adding some blocks or something to maybe pull some of the plastic . I’m a complete newb , so I’m working through it.

I may build a smaller former too , idk yet.

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Like said in the fb group, you’ve got great starts on these, really nice. I’ll take a cowl! (or two, I’ll goof at least one up) And yeah, I was talking with my wife a few days ago about the different ways to solve larger and smaller pieces, and about friends having second formers (some have bought them and… I dunno, they seem to be all right, but pricy compared to building)

I’m not sure if you saw my post a way back about Steve Neill, he is a make-up/fx/prop/rocket/etc builder, who has the distinction of having been in (the first humanoid alien in the movie) and created the makeup for Experiment 706’s Laserblast. And Spock’s ears for ST:TMP. He has some weekly vids of all of his projects, good fun, and a lot to learn. Not a lot on vac work iirc, but still good stuff.


Awesome , I’ll check that out for sure! My former set up is pretty basic to say the least , lol . I’m using an old toaster oven to heat the plastic , a shop vac, a wooden box I’ve sealed up.

I went with a tad bit too much surface area on the former for the size of what I’m doing. Most of the webbing has been slight or pretty easy to sand and fill , so it’s not major .

I’ve got some styrene on order, so I’m gonna make a bunch of cowls to practice as well as some Servo shoulders . I’ll let you know when I get some more made up. I’d be happy to send some your way !

I really just enjoy tinkering with stuff like this, and like having the ability replace parts or make them as I need. So it’s been fun so far.