Vampira (UK)

Holy cow, I just watched Vampira/Old Dracula (1974) on Talking Pictures TV. It stinks! I love it.
David Niven plays Dracula in a Brit flick that almost feels like a Confessions Of… film. Anyone seen it? Think it’s riffable?

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That’s gotta be seriously racially problematic.

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It definitely is. The actress styles it out pretty well and it’s more about her taking ownership of the situation that you might think, but there are some pretty clumsy moments dotted around that. If it felt mean spirited I couldn’t have given it a pass but IMO they’re making fun of themselves in the way they react to her.

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The staff meeting for this:

“So, Watermelon Man, but with vampires, and none of the social commentary?”

“Yes–good idea, what?”

“Well, it’s an idea. In the same way that 'driving a car with your feet on the steering wheel is an idea. Just not a good one.”

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Sounds about as sensitive as-

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“Kal-El, no good will come of this.”

“Making Lois a black woman for the sake of some allegedly progressive comics?”

“. . .well, yes, but also–why do you have this machine around at all? Do you need it for crime-fighting? Because I feel like it exists only to create these exact kind of problems.”

“Well, Superman might agree, but let me find someone else who mi–”

“You’re gonna jump into the machine and come out as Super Brother, aren’t you.”

“. . .well, now I’m not . . .”

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