Vasquez Rocks; the Most Repeated Mountain in the Multiverse

What movie or tv show have you seen the famous Vasquez Rocks in?


I think every western had them. Bonanza, Laramie, and High Chaparral at least. ]

Star Trek is famous (infamous?) for using them.

I think they were in an episode of Bones too.


The original Power Rangers show had the command center on Vasquez rocks.


The Japanese flew over just for those rocks?

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I never see them. The story always has me gripped.


As a full-fledged Trekkie, I am VERY familiar with Vasquez. When I got to visit there, I may or may not have done my best version of the Gorn Shuffle through the rocks. :rofl:

I’ve seen them many times in other shows/movies, but one of my faves was in Rat Patrol. Most of the show’s first season was filmed in Spain, then they moved to Southern California for the second season. You could tell because in one of the first scenes of the first S2 ep, the villain rolls up in his jeep, and right behind him…

…Vasquez Rocks.



Vasquez rocks are cool and all, but they pale next to Iverson Ranch and Chatsworth generally. Though primarily because the latter are not as immediately distinguishable (so they get a lot more use, I think). I pulled up 20 Million Miles To Earth this weekend and while a lot of it was shot in Italy (because Harryhausen wanted to vacation there), Ymir is running around Chatsworth Park:

I used to climb those very rocks as a lad. Here’s a better picture from a better angle of Iverson Ranch:

On the other side of those rocks is the park and there’s a fence just beyond the ridge separating the ranch from the public park. (I had no idea why that fence was there as a kid, of course.)

Other than Star Trek, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey is the first thing that comes to mind for me.

Vasquez Rocks and Bronson Canyon - all the scenery you need for a half-decent* creature feature.

*or a load of old bobbins like Robot Monster.